REVIEW: future sex/love sounds.

REVIEW: futuresex/lovesounds.

adam paul cooper’s official review of justin timberlake’s second masterpiece, futuresex/lovesounds, is finally here. i apologize for the wait, it has been over a month since i purchased it, but i didn’t want to throw this at you before i had listened to the entire thing multiple times through. make myself aware of the catchy faders, the sleepers, and the all around incredibles. i feel that i finally have a tackle on it. so here it is.
FurtureSex/LoveSounds – Justin Timberlake
Jive Records – 09/12/06
1. futuresex/lovesound: what a tight song 1. kicks off abruptly but works through the first verse slowly. which is nice. but ‘wait a second’. that one phrase, in my mind, kicks off the cd. this song causes some serious dashboard djimbe-ing in my vehicle and thats all i ask from a start-me-up song. this song is also fun to practice ‘the robot’ to.oh snap and just like in the song – you thought i was done. but i’ve got a whole chorus left in me. just tell me which way you like that. and a sick transition into…

2. sexyback:
the single. the majority of the justin- and popular-radio-listening public had already based their opinions of this cd off of solely this song. little do they know that this is, by far, not the best song on the cd. what a pleasent surprise. its catchy and makes me move my tookus. its a typical club song. though remarkably repetitive and not terribly complex, this song does, in fact, put a serious smile on my face as well as create a wonderful life phrase for those in tune with current pop culture. bringing sexy back? please. its been brought.

3. sexy ladies/let me talk to you prelude:
not a fan of sexy ladies. well i am. just not the song. its a slow jam and it really doesnt make me want to dance (which is the main reason for buying this cd. i’ll be honest). i bob my head and maybe sway from side to side but over all i’m kinda disappointed with this song. the 3-spot has so much potential. however, we get the first sample of the next-song-intro-theme that jt decides to incorporate on this cd. the ‘let me talk to you prelude’ was well done. the percussion appears to have been played on empty soda bottles, and just when you are about to get bored with it…

4. my love:
bam. we’re back to old school jt. this song most resembles ‘justified’ i think. eh. maybe not. i guess there’s a little techno goin on still, but its our first sample of some usual jt sound. i’m a huge fan of ‘my love’. dancing ensues. it helps that i’m a big fan of fast lyrics and t.i. lands a sick rap at the 3 minute mark. i’m in the process of learning all the words so i can impress my friends at the next dance party i host. one of my favorite songs on the cd. i give it the bronze.

5. love stoned/i think she knows interlude:
HAY! this is my favorite song on the cd; i’m pretty confident in that statement. i love the verses and the chorus. “she looks like a model, except she’s got a little more AHH.” seriously who doesnt like it? speak up. we’ll rumble. there really isn’t anything negative possible to say about this. the background ohhs and ahhs are tight. the beatboxing is money. the sounds-like-there-are-multiple-justins-singing effect is in full effect and i love it. plus jt just yells randomly a few times. HOT DAMN! then cue the lil guitar solo. big fan of this song. then break it down into song 6 via some serious strings. take it down a couple notches…i think that she knows…i think that she knows…and we’re chill.

6. what goes around…/…comes around interlude:
also called “the lament of justin timberlake”. don’t take this song to the club. this song reminds me a lot of ‘cry me a river’ off his freshman works. you even get low moaning during the interlude similar to that of the monk-sounding tones on track five of ‘justified’ . some subtle strings and justin’s soothing falsetto make this song a real tear-jerker. i like it’s place on the cd as well, a good transition from the single-worthy songs into the dry section of most cds. song six is a crucial cd location. a good song six can launch the listener into the remainder of the cd. i feel ‘what goes around…’ is a winner.

7. chop me up:
initially this song did not fall under the “i like this song” category. but the more i listen to it i realize that it is solely because it isn’t much jt. lots of timba. lots of three-6. not a lot of jt – and initially i didnt like it, but this song has jumped the fence. i dont really like the super-low-slo-mo-sounding voice that says “chop me up” and “screwed up”, but three-6 mafia is actually pretty impressive. in fact, this song strikes me a little chris brown. and i like that.

8. damn girl:
this song is disappointing. with a title like “damn girl” i expected quite a bit. i wanted a “DeeeeeAAAAAAAMN GUUUUUUURRL”…but i got more of a “that is slightly impressive, girl” vibe. disappointing to say the least, but that doesnt make this a bad song. simply didnt live up to expectations. similar to my school grades. not my favorite. on a scale from ‘my humps’ to ‘smells like funk’ i think i’d give it a ‘don’t phunk with my heart’.

9. summer love/set the mood prelude:
the cd reaches a low point here. this is probably my least favorite song on futuresex/lovesounds. weak lyrics. weak beat. but a fitting location on the cd to hide an average-at-best song. BUT the set the mood prelude. wow. really beautiful and truly does “set the mood” for song ten. i’m tempted to just start this song at the 4:13 mark when the prelude begins. ‘lil asian jingle. ‘lil snaps. ‘lil oohs.

10. until the end of time:
oooh we’re bringin it down some more. you thought we were chill at track 6? how about a little slow-song treat? grab a lady/fella’s hand and prepare to couple skate, folks. ‘until the end of time’ hits me a lot like 98 degrees. justin has the benjamin wright orchestra in on this number. beautiful. if i had a girl to make out with, i’d light some candles and put on this money song. hawt.

11. losing my way:
this song is a winner as well (seems to be a trend at this point). it starts slow, and i’ll be honest, it starts as an average tune. but then the gospel choir joins in and i long for the last twenty seconds when i get to hear them go nearly acca pella.

12. (another song) all over again:
if there is any question as to whether or not justin timberlake is an incredible artist – listen to this. wow. this song completes the turn around from dance mix to glorious love songs. what the cd name alludes to this song completes. the transformation from sexy to lovely. i’ve been wanting this type of singing from justin for quite some time. i know i’ve already chosen a favorite, but this song is so vastly different that i feel its okay to have two. this song is a favorite. this is all justin. no beatboxing, no techno, no ‘featuring timbaland or three-6 mafia or t.i.’ to be found here. his maturity as an artist is so obvious with ‘all over again’. ‘jt’ is now ‘mr. timberlake’, and this song is 100% mr. timberlake. it is a wonderful finish to an entertaining, yet a beautiful album.

thats what i got. if you dont have this cd, buy it. now. justin came through big time with his sophomore cd. this cd is money – way better than i ever expected it to be. go buy it. i dont care if you dont have the bones to pay for it. go give plasma and then go straight to the best buy opening in ‘hattan next friday.


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