>i dont want a lot this christmas….

my favorite christmas song is ‘all i want for christmas’ by mariah carey.

rather minty? yes. but it has all the makings of a song i love: stocattoed piano, gentlemenly ooh’s and aah’s, mass amounts of sleigh bells, and, of course, remarkably high notes that i can still match with my own slightly prepubescent voice.

i haven’t listened to it nearly enough this christmas season (granted it is only the 9th of december and we still have plenty of christmastime ahead of us), but i usually take advantage of this season to play my favorite tune a plethora of times. it is unfortunate, however, that i have not been left with an abundance of seclusion since the lights went up on the houses…probably due to the fact that i’ve driven the focus like three times in the last two weeks.

living so close to campus and within walking distance of aggieville has its advantages, one of which is undoubtedly limited gas consumption. i walk everywhere and i love it. in fact, since thanksgiving break, i’ve ventured out in my vehicle three times: once to walmart because i felt it necessary to purchase lightbulbs, black cherry vanilla coke, and 2.5 pounds ofa bananas. the other two times were to drive over to bethany’s house for one reason or another (one of the two reasons was to watch the second pirates of the carribean movie. sucked royally).

not venturing out in the focus has been infinitely easier for me to do since one of my friends (jessica greening) decided to write “HOTT :)” and “SEXY <3"

oh right. so since my most common moment of seclusion comes in my vehicle, i’ve borderline neglected my favorite christmas tune. sad times. i intend to resurrect mariah in the coming weeks. hopefully my voice can take it. i’m not too terribly worried about it. maybe if you’re lucky you’ll get a listen…but dont count on it. i dont just let anyone hear me belt it out.

that having been said i’m going to get back to studying for finals. yeah college.


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