>lets face it…

>Joe Posnanski wrote potentially the most depressing article Kansas Citians have ever read yesterday in the KC Star. It was on the cover of the sports page, directly under the article about LJ bashing (rightfully so, i think) the Chiefs’ play calling. the article was entitled “let’s face it — Chiefs aren’t that good.” that enough is enough to get the entire midwest writhing with anger, the graphic pictured above it was even more shocking. it was a depressing shot of five nfl players from five different teams: the five teams that have only made the playoffs once in the last nine years (excluding expansion teams added since 1997). check out our company:

Detriot Lions.
Cleveland Browns.
Arizona Cardinals.
Cincinnatti Bengals.
and the Kansas City Chiefs.

i mean come on. thats pathetic. we’re in with THEM? they’re the bottomdwellers! they’re the laughing stocks of the NFL (with the exception of the Bengals as of late, but how worthless were they before, huh?) what sad company. i could throw down every excuse there is about the Chiefs in their defense: the fact that they had the best defense in the league in the mid 90’s with Derrick Thomas and Neil Smith which then morphed into the #1 offense in the league the last three years under Dick Vermeil, the fact that their overall record through those 9 years is over 20 wins better than any of those other four teams, the fact that they’ve dominated Pro Bowl selections throughout those years, but still one pathetic fact remains: the Kansas City hasn’t won a playoff game since 1994. they beat the Houston Oilers (not even a team anymore) in AFC Divisional game that year. it has been twelve years since KC won a playoff game, yet still, somehow, Kansas City comes to a near stop between 12 and 3 on Sundays. Chiefs fans are as obsessed as ever about the home team. Arrowhead Stadium has sold out an NFL record 138 consecutive times (dating back to the beginning of the 1990 season). Kansas City simply has a Tomahawk aura about it that never goes away. Go into any resturaunt in KC and yell, “Go Broncos! or Go Raiders!” — the record stops and if you’re not unconscience in the next few seconds its either because you’re Maurice Green or because the resturaunt was empty due to a shortage of bagels.

we’ve never had a pathetic season. look at the Chiefs’ overall record in that span compared to the others. KC has had one 6-10 season. other than that they’ve been between 7-9 and 13-3 the last 9 seasons. and only one playoff game. back in the early 90s the Chiefs and Len Elliott used to just be a crappy playoff team. they’d dominate the regular season and then choke in the playoffs (much like the Colts today), but as of late the Chiefs had slipped to being a just-miss-the-playoffs team each year. i only hope they don’t continue their slide.

but maybe they need to continue their slide. their consistant medicrity has landed them absolutely nothing in the Draft. when you have a draft choice in the 20s every year you’re not going to be able to build a team. our overall morale is high since we’ve never had a 3-13, 4-12, 2-14 season, but where are we headed? not to the playoffs. that’s for sure.

I love the Chiefs. They make or break my fall and winter weekends. They control my days on Sundays. They’re half my motivation for waking up (the other half being Jesus). sacrilegious? probably. But that’s another issue. i’m just tired of Monday Night Football being a reminder of how worthless the weekend was. cmon chiefs. man up. i’m sick of being frustrated. show up next year like you did in 2003.

and dante – please do something great.


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