>kc chiefs at indy colts

>so the chiefs play today, which is shocking really. four teams had a chance to make the playoffs last week with a win at home: bengals, broncos, titans, chiefs. and if any of the other three teams on the list won then they took the chiefs’ spot in the playoffs. but kansas city’s luck changed that day and we’re in and they’re out. haha. the broncos didn’t make it.

but, as is becoming the norm in the playoffs, the chiefs meet the colts first. the chiefs have played no other team in the post season since 1996, and we haven’t beat the colts in the playoffs yet. there was the Lin Elliot game and the-game-with-no-punting. stupid stupid stupid.

but this year is different, or so i like to think, because for the first time it is the Colts who have the better record and are playing at home. we’re the underdogs and can’t “blow it” this year. they’re expected to lose, so they have something to prove.

and this year is also different because the chiefs don’t have a complete liability. in 1996 we had the best defense in the NFL and in 2003 we had the best offense in the NFL. this year KC has the number 16 offense and the number 16 defense. we probably don’t deserve to even be in the playoffs because we are an all around average team, but at least we are an all around team. no serious flaws and no serious screw ups/Lin Elliots.

and this year we have some guy named Larry Johnson who ran for 1789 yards this season. half man, half beast, or “The Centaur” as Mitch Holtus (voice of the Chiefs, 101.1 KCFX) calls him. Indianapolis boasts the worst rushing defense in the NFL giving up 173 yards per game, and Larry Johnson ought to have a field day. i’m predicting 197 yards and 2 touchdowns for the Centaur.

however, Indianapolis has arguably the best quarterback to ever play the game. Peyton Manning is a freak, so that is obviously an issue. if the Chiefs can keep him off the field and if LJ runs the ball like he should then the Chiefs should make a game out of this one. so that having been said…the edge goes to…

when the Colts pass: Colts.
when the Chiefs pass: Colts.
when the Colts run: Chiefs.
when the Chiefs run: Chiefs.
special teams: Chiefs.
coaching: Colts.

overall? who knows. but i think the Chiefs have something to prove here.
so since i’m on meds and thinking optimistically…

Chiefs 31-24.


ps: i think tony dungy and herm edwards could be cousins/brothers/related somehow. they look so much alike. yikes.

EDIT: the chiefs offense is apparently worthless. my love is dwindling.

One thought on “>kc chiefs at indy colts”

  1. >coop, will do brotha. however you are not starting off well in my book. the entry made me sad and depressed as, a. the chiefs are sad. b. the chiefs are depressing. c. the chiefs are sad and depressing.but all is well

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