>school supplies

>it is amazing how quickly life can go from being really fun to really busy in a matter of moments. just an hour ago i was playing Lion King on SEGA with my buddy Dan. Then here i am finding out that i have to pay rent and tuition, pack my stuff, finalize my schedule, get a new job, buy books and go back to Manhattan. talk about a buzzkill.

just as my “break” begins to slow down and i get a chance to relax for a day it picks back up almost immediately into a hurricane of errands/payments. there is just so much stress that comes with a new semester. way too much work. seriously. life should not need to be so busy.

but one thing that always seems to bring a bit of relief is school supply shopping. today i went to Office Max and picked up five graph spiral notebooks, two folders and some batteries and as i left the register i felt a slight sense of calmness. school supplies just have this crisp organized feeling about them that makes me feel so prepared. i leave that store ready to destroy any course that steps in my way. i’m organized and motivated and B’s are not an option.

but i know the moment i get to class the first day i’m going to open up my graph spirals and write “Linguistic Anthropology” or “Religion in American History” at the top and i’ll want it to look so perfect so that it would match the crispness of the unused spirals. but thats just not possible. so i’ll probably erase it and write it again, trying to land the perfect lettering, but in the process i’ll smudge up the first try and it’ll just make it worse and by the end of my first class period i will quickly remember what a poor student i truly am. awesome.

but for now, i’ll savor the organization and go to bed because i have a lot of junk to accomplish in the morning.

stupid school, always raining on my parade.


One thought on “>school supplies”

  1. >dood i always do that with my new spirals. for the past couple of years i’ve changed my habits..i skip the first page and start on the second. that way it’ll always look clean, crisp and sexy.

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