>Review/Top 10: Heavier Things

>if you’re someone who actually frequents my blog on a regular basis (might be three of you) you are already fully aware that i picked up “Heavier Things” over Christmas break. in this post i expressed my regret for not accepting John Mayer as an exceptional artist years ago. i stubbornly refused to like his stuff. i dissed on him childishly saying his vocals were too breathy and sensual. in retrospect i realize i was just too immature to appreciate him. (sounds like we’re in a relationship. eh. we kinda are.)

but anyways, that view has obviously changed in the last few weeks. so much, in fact, that i am prepared to do another lil review. i’m not going into detail about each track, but i think i’ll rank the songs in order of my likeness (either first to last or last to first – i haven’t decided how i’ll do it yet – probably last to first, more dramatic and i think it more successfully highlights songs individual songs). but i will refer to it as the “Top 10” because just because song number ten is song number ten doesnt make it the worst on the cd. it just makes it the 10th best. thats how i roll at least – optimism and positive vibes. ready break.

(10) 6. home life
(9) 7. split screen sadness
(8) 2. bigger than my body
(7) 3. something’s missing
(6) 4. new deep
(5) 9. only heart
(4) 10. wheel
(3) 1. clarity
(2) 8. daughters
(1) 5. come back to bed

granted this “top 10” might shift and adjust as i continue to live off this album, these are the current AP Rankings, though the Coaches’ Poll might read differently (i’m so clever).


ps: i’d also like to take this post to recommend The Beatles saucy remix cd “Love” it is the other musical masterpiece i’ve been thriving on as of late. apparently the dude that used to mix all the Beatles old stuff decided to break out all the master tapes and throw together some genius. i was skeptical when i first heard about it (“how many albums can they put out after they’re done?”) but this one is great and worth a listen. or even a lot of listens. so so great.

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