>i dont know much about computers…

>a little background: if you haven’t seen/discovered/been told about the g.i. joe videos online then you should check them out. it will help you appreciate the the song/video i’m about to share with you. here is a link to an entire list of these types of videos…but if you’ve seen these please read on. actually, read on regardless, but if you don’t quite get the video, well, thats why.

what they’ve done is taken all the old public service announcements that used to air after the g.i. joe cartoons on tv and over-dubbed ridiculous things to the video. so when they used to say things like “dont talk to strange dogs” and teach little kiddos important messages, but now they say “stop all the downloading.”

anyways. my buddy, paul, and i got together and decided to remix the over dubbings and turn them into some sick beats. hopefully we’ll do a handful of them, but the first one we did was the don’t talk to stray dogs one. go here to watch it.

and now what i really am wanting to post on this site: the final product. the remix itself. the song took paul and i a couple nights to do. we took the tune the kid hums at the beginning and made it the melody. i think it turned out real great – my favorite part is definitely when we cut and spliced the tangent the kid goes on at the end of the video into a tight rap breakdown. let me know what you think. here it is:

props to ben hollon for putting the video together.


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