>Children of Men

>i saw Children of Men last night at the wonderful and regularly overpopulated Seth Childs Carmike Cinema last night. it was really interesting. the movie is set in the year 2027, and, apparently, women have been infertile since the year 2009. the movie starts out with a news program about how the youngest human on earth has died; he was 18 years and 4 months old.

this movie is the most intense film i’ve seen recently. it has a little saving-private-ryan-esque quality about it near the end. yes, i’m serious. thats how intense this movie gets. it seems ridiculous, but lets be honest, if our world all of a sudden couldn’t reproduce and the end of our civilization was inevitable i think things would get rather wild.

a war has broken out. the movie is set in England, but one must assume that the entire world is in utter chaos. England has closed its borders and the British government is attempting to wipe out all of the illegal immigrants in the country. the war is a civil one between the government and a group of “terrorists” in support of a thing called the Human Project. we never really find out what goes on in the Human Project, but we are led to believe that it is the hope of the world, yet there is curiosity as to whether or not it even exists.

Theo (Clive Owen) is called upon by the leader of the terrorist group Julian (Julianne Moore) to help transport an African American girl to the Human Project. initially the entire task seems confusing and overly dramatic to Theo until he finds out the urgency of the situation and the importance of this woman: she is pregnant. Theo takes on the task of transporting the girl himself. They can’t trust the government or the terrorist group, both of them will want to use the baby for political purposes.

this film is creepy, scary, intense, and amazing all at the same time. i’m trying to figure out whether or not i was a huge fan of it. a movie really has to be bad for me not to like it or for me not to at least come away with a slight sense of joy because of it. but i’d say on a scale from 1 to 10…probably a 7. it was really good but the action was over the top. it never stopped either, constant explosions/gunshots/deaths. a very graphic movie – apparently there are so many people dying that they dont give anyone proper burials anymore, so regularly throughout the movie you see huge piles of charred and burning bodies. pitch black arms and legs sticking out of the mangled mess of flesh. sick.

if you’re not a wiener and you can handle some serious intensity then i’d recommend seeing this movie at some point. its a really interesting idea in the least. at one point you see a curbside prophet on a pair of stilts screaming into a megaphone about how “God has taken his greatest gift from us.” a really cool line i think. in today’s society we have a tendency to view sex as a sinful act because of how inappropriately it is manifested in the lives of humanity, but in reality it is an amazing and beautiful thing, and without it we couldn’t survive as a people.

oh man. there is one part when Theo clocks a dude in the face with some 10 pound metal box of some sort and a collective “OHH!” resounded throughout the theater. it was awesome.

anyway, like i said, i give it a 7.


and since every post must have a “ps”, if you are in a movie with three punks from ft. riley three rows behind you talking constantly about how ‘f-ing gay this movie is’ and how it is ‘the worst f-ing movie [they’ve] ever seen’ then you should turn around and do something about it. throw a Jujube at them or something (but not a red one. those are the only flavor worth the trouble of tonguing out of your teeth). i didn’t do anything and it nearly ruined the movie for me.

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