>my house, or the House of Kings as the five of us like to call it, is known amongst our group of friends as a house where the door is always open. don’t have anything to do? stop by our house; we have our fare share of get-togethers. sometimes only a few (8) people, but sometimes we host organized events in which we attract a multitude of peeps (for example, the Post-Ichthus Dance Party attracted somewhere near 80 guests).

today my roommate hosted a smaller event called a Halo-a-thon. yes, yes, the popular XBOX game “Halo” was played for 7 hours straight at my house today. 16 people. 8 in the living room, 8 in my room. 4 consoles. 7 hours. confession: i was the 16th person to join. i refused to play for a very long time, but then i realized that instead of playing i was just sitting and watching everyone else play. what is more pathetic, playing Halo for 7 hours or watching other people play Halo for 7 hours? so i played my first Halo ever today, and i’m not gonna lie – i really enjoyed it. its a lot more fun than i ever expected it to be. and in the setting i played it (team games 8 on 8) it really does promote some sort of community. there is strategy, cooperation and a lot more talking than in anticipated. i played about 3 of the 7 hours, and i enjoyed most of it. except for part of the time when we played with rocket launchers and i got my butt handed to me. but i owned in “Tower of Power”.

my username was “angry emo kids”. so every time i killed someone it said “You were killed by angry emo kids.”

one time i killed myself and it said “angry emo kids committed suicide.” i’ll be honest. i laughed.

anyways. i thought i’d share that. i’m not really a gamer, but my outlook on the game has changed drastically in the course of three hours.


3 thoughts on “>Halo-a-thon”

  1. >First, thanks for the constant support for my use of the term “donker”. It means a lot, and is what gets me out of bed in the morning.Secondly, you better get good grades this semester. Halo, American Idol, GI Joe dubbing and Leroy Jenkins do not a graduate make, my good friend. Just sayin’. BTW. LMAO every time I watch Leroy Jenkins. I think I’ll watch it right now.

  2. >ad. i think your posts(?) rock, and i am what i think you’d call a ‘regular’. congrats on trying something new, even something like halo.

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