>utilizing the asterisk.

>apparently more people read this little cutie than i thought. cause the subtle counter i added to this deal the other day is already nearing 1000 hits.

holler at cha boi.

i’m in the union on campus right now in the cleverly named “union station” coffee shop in the lower level. i have a two hour break between modern philosophy and religion in american history, and i needed to book a flight to Denver online. so here i am on a computer. how convenient. might as well throw down something.

last night i went to the kstate/baylor basketball game. it was a much closer game than it probably should have been – the officiating was rather sketch. i don’t typically like to blame anything on referees – if a game comes down to officiating then there are many things a team could have done differently to win. officiating probably shouldn’t determine an outcome. unless it is the oklahoma/oregon football game and then i will admit, OU got screwed*.

the boo’s last night were quite possibly the loudest I’ve ever heard at a sporting event, and by the sound of it, they were quite audible on the television as well. three consecutive trips down the court kstate got called for fouls that were questionable in the least, and on the three ensuing kstate possessions there were strong cases for a foul to be called and there was no whistle whatsoever. while one of the baylor dudes (Aaron Bruce** to be specific) was shooting free throws the booing was absolutely deafening, and of course the moment he shot and made the FT all teh booing simultaneously silenced for a moment – just long enough for Bob Huggins to be the only person in the entire stadium saying anything – and he was yelling at the top of his lungs. gotta love Huggie.

we won regardless, 69-60, but during the heart of the second half there was quite a bit to be frustrated about.

something i need to get off my chest: between you and me (and the entire world, i guess, seeing that this is posted publicly on the internet) Willie the Wildcat is a stupid mascot. the girls swoon over him***, but i personally find him to be all sorts of lame. the “football Willie” is alright cause at least he dons a decent uniform, but “basketball Willie” looks really silly. shorts and a sleeveless jersy with a big cat head on. serious weaksauce. and while i’m on the subject: i also am very tired of the color purple. don’t get me wrong, this is a terrific university, but when you graduate as a Blue Valley Northwest Husky (also purple) and then come to KSU, you can’t help but be kind of sick of the hue.

anyways. thats what is on my mind right now as i sit here on campus waiting for 3:55 to roll around. what a stupid time for a class. 3:55 to 5:10. whatev.


* – but it was absolutely hilarious.
** – who rocks a faux hawk and two first names.
*** – see Kansas State Facebook group “Willie the Wildcat is the sexiest mascot ever!” which boasts 880 members.
*! – big fan of the asterisk notation in this mug.

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