>snow in manhattan.

>before i say anything else, i need to mention the following: manhattan plowing is absolutely pitiful. they drive the plows in a straight line up and back each major street…and thats it. so every main road has a stripe of snow between lanes, and not a single residential street is plowed whatsoever. and it’s not like manhattan residential roads are a cake walk to drive on just normally – little apple? more like little grand canyon on some of our streets. its like driving on that little kiddie roller coaster at Worlds of Fun, the ‘Caterpillar’. ridiculous.

but this doesn’t pose a serious issue to me seeing that i haven’t driven my car since last wednesday. out of gas, covered in snow and ice, and out of money to refill my tank. good thing manhattan is small enough that i can walk anywhere i need to go.

we got about 7 inches today and it is still falling. my roommates and i spent about 2 hours outside throwing snowballs in it today, and we have plans to mess around in it tomorrow afternoon too. i’m pretty excited – we’re looking to have a serious match up. we’re going to build rival snow forts and everything. talk about great.

but for now i need to get to sleep – i’ve got Bedside Baptist in the morning.


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