>oh mandy.

>my roommates, being the observant and understanding roommates that they are, are fully aware of my love for this woman. usually i would say that celebrity crushes are ridiculous. i will concede, however, that they’re perfectly alright if they are my celebrity crush. i would in no way make fun of anyone who owned and watched Chasing Liberty alone from time to time, nor would you i hope. perfectly normal and totally understandable.

my roommate, john, agreeing with me in this outlook, did not hesitate to share with me this article.

it is a rather bittersweet article for me to be honest. depression sucks. especially when it is mandy moore, and being the caring and loving individual i am i wish i could do something about it. i would gladly be there to wipe away mandy’s tears if need be. however, the mix-match of emotions ensues here when i realize that my motivation for tear-wiping is undoubtedly ignited due to a heightened level of excitement seeing that she is single. now is the moment when i come in and sweep her off her feet in her ever-so-vulnerable state. yes. how adorable.

and the day is mine.

and mandy, if you happen to be reading this, i can understand if you’re ultra-creeped out. i would be too. granted you’re probably used to this sort of thing. you undoubtedly have some serious fan admiration that i undoubtedly lack largely due to four key facts:
1. you’re a famous actress.
2. you’re a famous musician.
3. you’re gorgeous (see photo).
4. and i am none of those things.

ps. feel free to leave your number. i’m very single.


One thought on “>oh mandy.”

  1. >i strongly disagree with point 3, which leads me to also disagree with point 4. fame is not needed to obtain my love adam. i realize that this is not at all comforting, because i myself am not mandy moore. but i still love you. LOVE|NICK

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