>my parents’ house

>so i’m sitting at home in kc eating a kit-kat bar that i found secretly stashed in a glass canister in my family’s pantry. i’m listening to “I Am the Walrus” via my pink mini iPod. When i finish my kit-kat i plan to venture back to the pantry in hopes of finding other fantastic treats i can’t afford to buy myself when i’m in Manhattan. one of the perks of coming home: eat like royalty for a few days.

however, the prince’s chambers are apparently being taken over by the king’s need for an office. yes, my friends, as of tomorrow evening i officially do not have a bedroom at my home in OP. i think that means i officially have to refer to this house as “my parents’ house.” what a strange and unexpected step in the maturation cycle. weird. i don’t have a room here anymore. Manhattan is not my home; i refuse to let that happen. but circumstances being what they are – dangit. it is. heartbreak. (“Yesterday” just started coursing through these little white buds – how perfect.)

it is only for another two years maximum though. i graduate in spring 09 at the very very latest – december 08 if i work my skinny rear off between now and then. seeing that i’m an awful student makes me feel like spring 09 is a more accurate estimate. phooey. eh, i’ll survive.

at least i get to live in other places during the summers (hopefully). i filled out my SEVENTEEN page application to Peninsula Covenant Church today. now all i have to do is throw down a couple references, get them the paperwork, make a 10-15 minute video of myself and send everything to them out in the San Fran area. man i hope i get this job. California? seeeeerious donk sauce. who needs a home in overland park (the midwest at all for that matter) when you’re living down the street from the beach all summer? holla.

but i’ll miss it. my mom and i are clearing out the entire thing tomorrow. i haven’t taken anything out of my closet since i was in middle school – maybe i’ll find something great. like a phat check. or some long lost tshirts. or a maybe like a brontosaurus. that’d be off the chains. or my Ninja Turtles action figures (they’re in there, but i know precisely where they are). regardless. it is probably going to be somewhat bittersweet.

anyway. i thought i’d lament. that word can be used as a verb too right? i like to think that i’m remotely eloquent, but sometimes i question myself – sometimes i even make up phrases that mean nothing in general. i’m trying to enhance my vocabulary though. someday i hope to use the word “nebulous”. preferably in a staff meeting of sorts.


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