>starting february off on the right foot.

>hey guys. adam here. just here to tell you about my day.

today was long, but so good on so many levels. i will attempt to articulate these different levels in terms of their “goodness”. ready go.

Level 1: i am officially back in a Coca-Cola Classic phase. every 6 months (nearly to the day) i shift from Dr. Pepper to Coke and back to Dr. Pepper and so on and so forth. today was day one of 183 glorious days of Coca-Cola Classic until eventually i will tire from it and go back to DP. if only they sold my favorite beverage, Vanilla Coke, at stores ANYWHERE. if anyone knows of anywhere in Manhattan where i can purchase such a delicacy, please let me know NOW. k thanks.

Level 2: listening to Ratatat whilst walking on campus. for those of you who haven’t heard Ratatat before – you are missing out. it is about 99% instrumental, but it is the perfect music to listen to whilst walking between buildings on campus. especially on this campus where people seem to be more concerned with never making eye contact with anyone – i get to strut around bobbing all over the place to some serious beats. smiling, of course.

Level 3: Ichthus. i feel kinda bad, like i’m jipping my campus ministry big time, but that’s just how great this day was. nothing bad about ‘thus. in fact, i rather liked it. for the first time in a long time I’ve felt 100% thrilled to mingle around with people afterwards. i met some new people and talked to some of the usuals as well. we focused tonight on the fact that “it’s not about you” (as Rick Warren so eloquently puts it in the first 4 and a half words of the Purpose Driven Life – i counted “it’s” as 1.5 words). really good words. a solid Ichthus experience.

Level 4: i wrote a paper today in less than an hour. yes, it is the one i posted around noon today – the post immediately proceeding this one. i was going to write it last night before i went to bed, but i had a serious headache and i couldn’t keep my eyes open. so i decided to throw it down between classes instead…good decision. i got 8 hours of sleep. woke up with no headache, and threw down what i think ought to get me a 10 out of 10. pat on the back.

Level 5: dance party sizzler. i like to dance. it is one of the many things in life that God decided to bless me with that will truly get me nowhere (other items on this list include foosball, disc golf, the ability to do the wave with my eyebrows, etc.) There was a decent turn out. there was bad weather and a plethora of other things going on tonight so the fact that i got as many people over here as i did was pretty astonishing. total number was probably around 20 or so. not nearly as large as the dance party i threw last semester. but the good thing about this one: everyone came to dance. not a sole was there that didn’t come to dance. that made life really really fun. plus the girl to guy ratio was like 6:1. jackpot for real.

Level 6: during the dance party the song Sandstorm came on. i, of course, having planned this from the beginning (i was the DJ), decided to throw down a little Strobe Light action when the insane part first hit. oh man. pandemonium in the living room of the House of Kings. could not have been better. right on key ALL the lights dropped and the strobe came on in perfect timing with the music. man i love my life again.

Level 7: i got a job today. starting next week i will be a barista part-time at my favorite coffee shop. at least in this city. I’ll be doing something i love and working with some of my favorite people and getting discounts on the best coffee in the city. this place is tight. not only is it 100% fair trade, but they also roast their own coffee in the shop on their own roaster. my favorite coffee there: India Monsoon Malabar. apparently the beans for this coffee are HUGE because, as the name suggests, the coffee trees go through the monsoon season in India so they get massive amounts of water and, in turn, these beans grow to ultra-large sizes. it is so smooth and so tasty. oh man. love the Malabar. so yeah, i start soon. winner.

and, as a continuation of the list of excitement, i leave for Denver tomorrow for a Youth Workers Connection conference. flying out of Kansas City at 3:39 on United. it is actually PreMidWinter. but since I’m a full-time student here at KSU my schedule doesn’t allow me to be gone from the 5th-9th. plus i have a job now – an extensively rigorous schedule. but I’m pretty pumped for the PreMidWinter events. you’ll probably here about them on here. i can’t imagine i wouldn’t type about it. heck i type at length about my love for Coca-Cola Classic, why wouldn’t i fill you in on something like this?

anyways. I’m planning on wearing my Larry Johnson jersey for most of the trip. i hate the Broncos. remember that time they got beat up at home by the 49ers to miss the playoffs? hahaha. that was a good day. choke artists.

ok i need to pack. talk to you guys soon.
and if i don’t see ya – Happy Groundhog Day.
(spring will come when it feels like it. even that shadow-searching rodent up in Punxatawney can’t predict Kansas weather. please. we do what we want.)


ps. props to double dizz for teaching me how to put up what i’m currently reading.

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