>books and piano.

>it’s really too bad that there is such a difference between reading for my own personal enjoyment and reading because i am required to for class. because when it boils down to it, the books i’m reading for class are very similar, if the the, books that i’d be reading in my own spare time. but when i’m given a deadline and a due date and when i have to write a formal paper over it and not an entirely informal blog entry it gets slightly more frustrating.

but anyways. thats not important.

what is important is that i spent last night playing piano. i haven’t done that in far too long. i was most unfortunate in my youth to have learned from teachers that didn’t know how to teach playing by ear. i fooled my teahers into believing that i knew how to read music until i was a freshman in high school, but then when the music go too difficult and i couldn’t reproduce the music by ear anymore my was found out. i should’ve stuck with it. i love it and i can play fairly well. i think i’ll bring my keyboard to manhattan next time i’m in town. yep. i think i will.
maybe i can learn to jam with my itunes. holla.

but now i must spend my sunday reading. i have two book reviews due by the end of february. boooo.


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