>one-month-until my-birthday…eve.

>its true. march 14th.
here is a brief list of today:

+ this evening as i was walking home from campus, the wind i was walking into had such a frigid bite to it that a tear literally froze by the corner of my eye. i got home, looked in the mirror, and chipped it off. so strange, so painful, so cool (utilizing both meanings of the word).

+ i have come to the conclusion that Danger Mouse is an absolute genius, and that no matter what he does, i will love it. Danger has been a part of Gnarls Barkley, Gorillaz, Danger Doom, and a bunch of others. one of my good friends recently introduced me yet another Danger Mouse masterpiece called The Good, The Bad and The Queen. i realized immediately that the lead singer is the same as of Gorillaz (Damon Albarn, also of Blur), but i had no idea that it was another Danger Mouse album until i looked it up about an hour ago. got me even more thrilled about it. i also just bought The Grey Album online – an unreal mashing of the White Album by The Beatles and The Black Album by Jay-Z. it should be here by this weekend. holla.

+ i officially have three shifts a week at my new job. i’m working as a barista at my favorite coffeehouse, Radina’s. its great coffee, it’s fun, and the people i work with are incredible. i’m on wednesday afternoons along with friday and saturday nights. goodbye weekends, hello cash flow. actually i wont miss out on much. half of my friends work with me so it ain’t no thang.

+ my mom sent me a Valentine’s Day gift in the mail. a little stuffed animal frog, some of those chalky conversation hearts (not my favorites…or anyones really…but they’re kind of a cute idea), a York Peppermint Patty, a sample Russell Stover’s box, and (do do dooo!) a Target gift card. holler times quite a few.

+ i am going BOWLING tonight. i haven’t bowled much lately. if you’ve been a regular follower of my past blogs (facebook, sthanga, myspace) you know that last spring i was in a bowling league and went about 2-3 times a week. i’m sad to say that i haven’t been but about 5 times since last spring. heartbreak, i know. heather, brittany, nick and i are going here in a couple hours. get hyped. coopdizzler’s back.

+ lastly, i must mention briefly that i have two books two read by next tuesday and 11-15 pages to review on them. if only i was as enthused about that as i am about…well, really everything else in my life.

in the words of Ivan, everything is happy happy joy joy here.


3 thoughts on “>one-month-until my-birthday…eve.”

  1. >ha, holly told me about the target gift card.my mom sent me peeps. not the cool yellow bird kind, but the vanilla, heart-shaped ones. they’re not too bad. afterwards i was burping and it tasted like vanilla coke though.

  2. >no one really comments on these. i would have quit by now. i like to comment when i have time. i dont really have time right now, but im still commenting with a smile…which would make my first statement untrue. Did you ever have Armenta? he says “for true!” or “for false!” instead of “yes” and “no.” man you would have loved him. He’s cocky, but he’s the best teacher i’ve had.yeah.i know you and Grandma’s cat (what?) think Stohlmann was AMAZING but she is boring. he is SO FUNNY. oh my. he has this outfit he wears occasionally. green shirt. white pants. silver belt. black shoes. he calls it his “chalkboard outfit” because when he goes up to the chalkboard he sort of blends in…except for his Mexican fro and slightly off-green arms. yeah. it’s hilarious. you’d like him.okay what else. unruh is eating me up. i think i’m going to die.and i have a three day week next week.i had a snow day yesterday.those hearts mom gave you are na-ha-sta-hee.grandma= usually sends us valentines.=is failing this year.hm.what’s up with thaaaaaaat.i hope radina’s is great. one time i played candyland there with you and your “posse” for like 232453 hours.yeah. true.i’d probably not ever go there if i was living on campus. i’d stay in my room and study. that place is sma-hallll.in other news, anna is sick and i have a lot to do.i keep bumping into you.

  3. >i love it that you not only gave shout-outs to me, bk, nick and radina’s, but also…IVAN! soon you will be writing about ike, vivian, jan-when she gets back from texas, and bill. i love our customers. p.s. ginny and vivian have invited me to join their scrabble games on monday mornings. i usually only stay a few minutes, but i thought it might be good practice for our crazy crossword shananigans. (and would stress nick out less because of all of our mistakes!)p.p.s. your pans lab. review is actually quite good. i don’t think i could have done any better that’s for sure. much better than the quick plot line explanation that i told you before the movie.

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