>High Fidelity

>last night i got off work around 12:15 and a group of us decided to watch High Fidelity. this movie came out in 2000, and it is an absolute crime that i hadn’t seen it yet. nor had half the other people there. this is a strong statement to make, i know, but this movie is in my top five” favorite movies ever. i was literally ROTFLMAO multiple times during this flick.

the movie centers around a middle aged dude named Rob Gordon (John Cusack). he plays a over analytical and cynical record store owner who, along with his buddies Dick and Barry (Jack Black), are total music snobs and know anything and everything about every recording artist ever to exist. Rob’s sidekicks help run his store, Chamipionship Vinyl- Dick is the most socially awkward, hesitant and bald human ever while Barry is everything Dick is not. he is obnoxious and loud and will not hesitate to denounce everything you think you know about the musac.

while Dick and Barry appear to have no life beyond their audio obsession, Rob is beyond obsessed with his relationship problems. he frequently refers to his “top five” of everything – songs, dream jobs, albums and the one which receives the most thought: breakups. he dwells religiously on his past relationship woes (his number 1 happening when he was in 6th grade behind the bleachers – some slut kissed another guy and broke his heart) and he spends the greater part of the movie attempting to solve the mystery that is his dating life. he over analyzes everything and we have the pleasure of hearing the interior and exterior monologues that happen throughout the movie.

this movie was so witty and so well done. nick and i were talking on the drive home about how most comedies are done such that it is funny for the first 3/4 of the film and then there is an “oh crap” moment with 30 minutes left where they realize, “dang. we need to figure out a plot at some point.” this movie is perfect. it has more wit and humor than i’ve experienced in a LONG time and it tells a terrific story at the same time. plus Jack Black is great, and every time Dick opens his mouth i laugh. my favorite line from the whole movie i think:

Dick: Marie de Salle’s playing. You remember I told you about her. I like her. She’s kind of Sheryl Crow-ish crossed with a post-Partridge Family pre-L.A. Law Susan Dey kind of thing, but, you know, uh, black.

hahahaha. ROTFLMAO moment number 1 of many.

the only thing i didnt like about the movie was the fact that the lady friend that John Cusack chases after throughout the movie, Laura (Iben Hjejle), sounds like she has a Perma-Cold the entire time. she’s got this nasty nasal husk to her voice that makes me want to bash a watermelon over my head…but as long as you can make fun of it during the movie it is tolerable. listen for it though if you watch it. its kinda hilarious…kinda revolting.

but, Perma-Colds aside, this movie is the best i have seen in quite a while. this rivals, dare i say, That Thing You Do! for the top spot in my cinema world. i know you probably don’t believe it (Holly especially), but it is true. i could watch that movie 79 times straight and never get tired of it. so many incredible lines that i simply HAVE to hear again.

this movie is a 10. period. go see it now because it is all sorts of awesome.


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