>salmonella in the house!

>my roommate and i had a funny situation a few days ago. he was looking at an article online and read that ConAgra Foods has been linked as the source of a salmonella outbreak in 39 states. apparently there was a batch of Peter Pan peanut butter, made by ConAgra, that was infected.

now, this made us panic slightly because he and i are both huge peanut butter & honey addicts…and we primarily use Peter Pan. we checked the manufacturer number on the top of the yellow lid and discovered to our horror that each of us had the fated “2111” batch the article warns about and that we had indeed purchased a tub of the infected spread

…and they were each halfway gone.

a terrifying situation? not really. i’ll continue to eat the hazardous creamy goodness with no trouble. it is a weird thought though. i could’ve been seriously ill and died from dysentary or cholera or a snake bite or something.


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