>oh hey guys, adam here.

>i’m not exactly sure how to explain myself here. between the months of december and february i was borderline obsessed with blogging. then, something clicked in my brain which apparently shorted out whatever lobe stimulates blogging motivation…either the temporal or the frontal lobes probably. anyways. i’d like to apologize to all the dedicated readers i had and i’d like to hope it doesnt happen again. maybe i’ll just claim i gave it up for lent or something.

what has happened in the last month? eh. i guess i had a birthday, thats something neat.

oh man, but more importantly – baseball has resumed. i dont care what everyone who faithfully watched the ’85 world series has to say – go cardinals. go royals. period. if they meet each other in the series i dont know what i’ll do. actually i’d probably root for the royals now that the cards have won a championship in my lifetime. can you imagine that series?! the two greatest players in the game today square off – albert pujols/john buck?! wow. serious intensity. thats just good clean fun there – except be wary albert, j-buck’s been known to deck latinos in the dugout (see runelvys hernandez 09/12/06).

john buck is, and forever will be, my favorite.

oh, i saw “meet the robinsons” twice over easter weekend – once with my friend karlie and then again with my family – it was absolutely terrific. first off, i absolutely love all those pixar-type movies. toy story will always be one of my favorites. secondly, it has some serious plot twists. usually, from what i’ve noticed, these animated movies tend to have very linear plot lines. one thing happens early in the movie and the entire movie is spent as a journey to fix that thing. example: finding nemo. the movie is about….finding nemo. nemo gets taken. his dad goes to get him from “p. sherman 42 wallaby way, syndey”. thats about it. but this one….this one has some crazy “what. are you serious?!? no way.” moments very late in the flick. plus it comes in 3D. and thats just cool. i saw it with the fam in 3D. pretty cool. not sure if it was worth the extra dough though. plus the glasses started hurting the bridge of my nose after a while. but those things aside, this movie was great.

it centers around this kid named lewis. in the opening scene you see his mother drop him off as a baby on the front step of an orphanage. he grows up there and has the worst time getting adopted because of his overactive imagination. he wants to invent things and is so passionate about it that he jeopardizes his chances of finding parents (the parents end up thinking he’s a freak. plus he doesnt play sports. thats just weird).

he has an idea though – he’ll invent a memory scanner so he can remember what his mother looked like and find her. however, on the day of the science fair the memory scanner is sabotaged and falls into the wrong hands – a skinny middle aged dude with a terrific mustache and a mechanical bowler cap for a best friend who happens to be in possession of a stolen time machine. in order to get it back, Lewis must travel into the future after the bowler hat guy to save his invention so he can see his mother again. in the future Lewis meets the robinson family. they’re insane, but fun.

Anyways, i can’t tell you too much, cause that’ll spoil it and i’ll be late for work if i do. but this movie is funny, clever, and it has a certain butterfly effect quality to it. anyways. big fan. go see it.



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