>panda express.

>before i get into anything else: happy birthday brethren.

now. moving on.

lately i’ve been indulging in mass amounts of chinese food. the Panda Express in the union has probably pulled about 75 bucks off me in the last couple months. i eat it about three times a week probably – i’m not sure if that is healthy or not, but i’m sure i’ll get sick of it eventually. for now though it is a delight every day.

chow mein, orange chicken, kung pao. so great.

but, as of late, what has been even better has been the phenomenal fortunes i’ve pulled with my meals. usually i think fortune cookies are lame. maybe that is because one of my friends once got “you struggle with self improvement” and i once got “you love chinese food.” but as of late they’ve been like the greatest things you could come up with.

monday: “your dream will come true.”

wednesday: “your luck will change completely today.”

friday: “you are talented in many ways.”

granted that last one isn’t really a fortune. it’s more just a fact – and one i already knew at that. but the other two are tight. especially monday. the only way that could be any better at all would be if it said something like “ALL your dreamS will come true.” thats like the pinnacle of all possible fortunes. i mean really. your DREAM will come true.

i personally think its a load of poo, but it’d be neat. thats for sure.

and thats all i have to say about THAT.


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