>va tech.

>32 dead in a school shooting at virginia tech today.

i’ll bypass all my thoughts regarding how crappy, pitiful and relatively useless this world is. that is obvious pretty much all the time. just another disaster in the news. brush it off i guess – not to make light of the situation, but i’m tired of hearing about disasters.

i’m writing this as this story is still developing – it’s 3:23 – the president just came on to do his “its my job so i have to tell everyone that i’m sad about this too” speech. it was shorter and more concise than i expected it to be – and he actually said something that i had been thinking and that connected with my own thoughts:

“the impact is felt on every campus and in every community.”

no joke. for anyone at any college right now – there is no way you’re not a little bit frightened. i got home and found out about it and immediately felt borderline sick to my stomach. that very well could’ve been k-state. could’ve been any campus anywhere. there’s nothing special about virginia tech that makes it any scarier than kansas state. and there isn’t anything about people in manhattan taht make them distinctly different from people in blackburg, va, or any other city. THAT is what makes me most nervous and sad about this event and story – it makes no difference where you are. this is possible – and it is an instant reality check for sure. kinda makes life seem a little shorter and less important.

anyway. along with the obvious ‘what a wonderful world’ reactions – thats my thoughts.
more to come maybe.


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