>some thoughts for sunday the 22nd.

>thought number 1: spitz seasoned sunflower seeds are the best seeds on the planet. if you even suggest fisher i’ll punch you in the head. fisher seeds taste like overly salted kitty litter. yuck.

thought number 2: i’m watching the nba playoffs. day two of nine hundred. they last forever. i’m rooting for the following teams: cleveland, toronto, golden state, phoenix. the rest of the teams i either dont care about or dont want to see win (read: kobe bryant. nothing against they guy other than that he’s great). lebron pretty much has a free ride to the conference finals against the pistons. toronto will probably get upset by new jersey cause they’re a young team with no playoff experience…and new jersey has vince carter and jason kidd. golden state doesnt have the slightest bit of a chance against dirk and the mavs, but they haven’t been in the playoffs since 1994 and they’re massive underdogs – gotta root for em. phoenix deserves a title. they’re a regular season team and dont know how to do it in the playoffs – they ought to do better this year cause they’re finally healthy – except they’re playing kobe…so you never know. too bad the pacers fell apart and missed the playoffs this year – i can’t think of a more consistently slightly above average team over than the last few years than the pacers. not great. just alright. i’m a huge jamaal tinsley fan – thats basically the only reason i like them. anyways. enough of this. it’ll go on for the next month and a half, so its not like i wont have time to talk about it.

EDIT: golden state beat dallas tonight. holler.

thought number 3: this whole all-kstate-is-pepsi thing is starting to really get on my nerves. especially since they discontinued vanilla coke – who’s stupid idea was that? some of us thrive on the stuff. anyway. thats just a little disappointing vent for now.

thought number 4: i’m traveling to topeka on saturday to see my family and watch my sister anna swim for the kc blazers. i’ve only gotten to see her twice before because, well, i’m in college in another city – and she used to come and watch my baseball games in high school all the time. apparently she’s really really good. and i pretty much believe it. she is a cooper afterall – so she has to be great.

thought number 5: i discovered the absolute joy of Party Shuffle on itunes. although it is slightly frustrating that i’m unable to change the words “Party Shuffle” to something greater…or even put them in lower case lettering because, well, if you haven’t noticed yet, i’m not a huge fan of using capitalization unless it is truly necessary. like in “God” or “Party Shuffle”. pretty much thats most of it. maybe in movie titles or something too. anyway. i never really realized the awesomeness of it – you can play different playlists on random, but you can see what songs are coming up and what songs have just played at the same time. pretty awesome stuff.

okay that is all for now.
kisses and pets.


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