>this evening i am embarking on an experience i should have had this time last year, however, situations fell through time and time again and here i am in may 2007 preparing to watch High School Musical. since the day i first heard of it i have wanted to see it – that probably had much to do with me working full time with middle and high school students – but nevertheless, i was and still am eager to see this flick.

i’m pretty pumped, thats for sure. i only hope that the person i watch it with doesnt know every word to every song. that could potentially ruin my experience. not because it is annoying, but because i’m clearly jealous that they know all the words and i do not.

that’s something that always disappoints me. i like to think that i have a pretty decent ability of memorizing things and remembering lyrics so songs and quotes to movies, and when people know them and i dont. actually, beyond disappointing, and just straight up annoying, is when they think they know the quotes but fail at them miserably. so so so sad. i feel bad for them and the people who don’t know any different.

in other news:

i’m going to buck night at the K on friday night. the royals play detroit – a probable loss, however, you never know when JB might go off. every night is probable. ESPECIALLY on nights named after him. Buck Night? seriously? what more excitement is there?

i’ll tell you what. live hot dog races. ketchup, mustard and relish come sprinting out of the visitor’s bullpen toward home plate. relish of course wins – cause he/she IS the greatest. i’m going to assume its a he…for reasons inappropriate for this blog. last year’s season come down to the last game of the season between mustard and relish – relish won like 9 of the last 11 races to make a run at the 06 title. so great.

thats about it. i promise i’ll have something meaningful to read about soon.
k late.


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