>i think i’ve figured out why i’m not blogging anymore.

i got in a rut of NOT blogging – and now i’m looking for the perfect thing to blog about and its never going to come.
so i’ll start lame and work my way up.

today lets talk about….eh…four things that i’ve recently discovered i enjoy. yeah…4 is good…i can make up four.

1) iced tea. this time last year i thought the stuff tasted like watered down grass…which is kinda what it is actually. i’ll put it this way instead: i thought watered down herbs tasted horrible. however, a recent addition of honey to some tea has made me a huge fan – but i dont mix it up. i leave all the honey stuck at the bottom and drink it through a straw so i can get huge globs of gloriousness. love the word glob. so many negative boogerish images.

2) this one is still a stretch, because i think i have some obvious fears to overcome here: collared shirts. during the latest SGRT (thats small group reunion tour) my click traveled to indian hills country club where they have not only a dress code, but a plethora of free andes mints (i take full advantage – i wish they didnt have a dress code so i could wear cargo pants with those massive garbage-bag-sized pockets so that i could fill them up and walk around with sandbags attached to my knees. but anyway. as of june 8, i did not own any collared shirts so i had to borrow one from mi amigo, dan. i was a fan and found myself thinking “hey. maybe i can pull off the collared look afterall…then i got home and apparently AE was having some sort of collared shirt blow out sale cause my parents had bought me three new collared shirts all of which i’m a fan of. i’m still scared to break them out though – maybe this weekend when i dont have to work in an espresso infested establishment for 7.5 hours at a time.

3) harry FRICKIN potter. oh my goodness. i’d already read books 1 and 2. and they were good and entertaining, but not addicting and suspenseful and the greatest thing ever like books 3-6 are. i started reading book 3 on the 24th of may. and i finished book 6 on the 24th of june. 1 month…i think its something like 2600 pages. i’m completely captivated by these books – rowling is unreal. she’s created this whole new world (aladdin) of spells and magic and characters and she weaves them all together into probably the most amazing series since star wars. i think so at least. i’m excited for the movie to come out in a few weeks but i’m infinitely more thrilled about the final book appearing on shelves soon after that. i was literally pacing around my room reading the end of books 4 and 6. the most intense and riveting thing ever. eh. other than the outlaw.

4) confession: last weekend i was in des moines (i am currently stricken as to whether i should include the “, IA” after the city there…i think everyone knows where des moines is though so i’m not going to bother…plus the interior of these parentheses just informed and doubters anyway). i was there for reasons i might talk about in another post but are not necessary knowledge now. i was at the dinner table with my two cousins, their two boyfriends, and my grandparents (i did feel a slight hint of disappointment that everyone had a partner but me…kinda like neville longbottom only i’m not plump and i do not have a frog named trevor)…we were eating dinner and my grandma had made my number one least favorite item in the world – green beans – but i was hungry, and i didnt think i’d fill up on fruity jello, so i dished a small helping onto the classic coops dinnerware (brown and tan patterned plates and bowls) and gave it a squishy taste.

and i liked them.

i know. gasp away. gasp gasp gasp gasp gasp. i went back for seconds. it was weeeeeeeeird. no, i dont want to talk about it, but i’m glad to have it off my chest.

alright that is all. its 2:30 and i need to call spain.
“the country, he ran it…that was his job….”

k late.

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