>baby girl, how are you?

>first of all: read this article.

i think this is absolutely hilarious. first of all, i feel like the dude at the cell phone place did it on purpose, cause if paris hilton shows up in my store i’m going to try and figure out some way to punk her, and i think this dude took a pretty legit route. too bad Barlow didnt send back any ridiculously fake text message responses. cause she had to have had an idea of what was going on when people kept calling her ‘Paris’ at 2 am. i mean how many bizonkers party animals can be named after foreign cities? let alone Paris? i think if i could choose a foreign city for a name i’d probably pick ‘Istanbul’ and go by ‘Stan’….and maybe i could have a sister called ‘Rio de Janeiro’ and she could go by ‘Jan’….anyway. i feel like she could’ve said a TON of completely stupid things in response…”sorry. can’t talk right now…i’m eating a Colossal Dog*.” something like that would have gone over terrific i think.

Paris Hilton would be a terrific person to have this happen to also. you’d get some seriosuly great insight into her life and, at the same time, you’d get to mess around with the life of a hot shot like her behind her back. i started thinking about what celebrity i’d want to be mistaken for…and i came up with teh following Top 3:

1) barry bonds. i could then throw down some seriously incriminating text messages. things like “yeah. i took ‘roids. so what. they’ll never find out.” or “i dont mind if i have an astrisk…it’ll just bring more attention to my name on all the leaderboards.” or “i eat babies.” but i have a feeling that none of these would get the guy chucked out of baseball…i’d be relying on someone on the other end being active and telling someone of some importance that barry had said something to him – unless it WAS someone important texting him. like Bud Selig. Goodbye career. yeah right. they’d find out it was me.

2) justin timberlake. no real reason…i think i’d just like to be mistaken for him in some way or form.

3) mandy moore. duh. cause then there would be the slim chance to meet her and laugh with her about what a terrific misunderstanding it was. plus then she’s know my phone number cause it was her OLD number and i hint something like that she could call her old number whenever she wants….then eventually we’d probably have kids together or something.


* – a Kaufmann Stadium fav.

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