>piano and such.

>my passion for playing piano has returned for the time being.
i dont think it will last long though…i’ll probably learn a few songs and maybe be able to throw my own twists on them or whatev…change up the lyrics and put in some upbeats or something.

anyway. i heard ‘hey there delilah’ for the first time on wednesday in kc and i came home and immediately started trying to nail it down on the board…i was pretty proud of myself because it only took about 15 minutes and i had it pretty much figured out…there are a couple downbeats here and there that i’m not landing yet…and i dont have all the words down either, but i’m almost there.

haha. i also figured out crazy by gnarls. holler.

life has been a little busier lately – what with multiple trips to kc a week and an issue or two on the home front – plus class started monday for me (i’m taking intro to shakespeare and its actually pretty enjoyable…shocker) – but this weekend it might actually be nice to be ‘stuck in manhattan’ as i like to put it. i’ll get some good reading done and catch up on the sleep i’ve been missing out on for a while now.

speaking of – i think i’ll take a nap.


ps. i just got a text from a buddy that relish won again tonight. what a baller. he’s running away with it this year.

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