>a trio of facebook posts to jon jeffrey.

>since facebook only allows you to post 1,000 characters at a time i had to split the following posts to Jon Jeffrey into three parts. it is regarding a number of things, primarily my usage of party shuffle in itunes. feel free to read. there are a few of you out there that might care….if you dont read any of it at all – read the very last bulleted section. i figured the whole thing was postworthy (i just decided that word should be a compound word – like “seaworthy” or “trustworthy” or “airworthy”). anyway. thank you. have a nice day.

1. by the looks of things you got a job. congrats.
2. what exactly IS a bridal shower and what is andrew doing for his bach? i’m hoping he can incorporate skee-ball somehow.
3. i’m not sure whether grawpy was necessary or not at this point – i’ll know by sunday what his role is – i’m betting he chews on crabb and goyle’s heads for an elongated period of time. we’ll see – she wouldn’t’ve included him if he wasn’t importante.
4. rarely do i play out of my entire “music” – i have a handful of playlists i select from depending on my mood…
4a. >10, >20, >30. i have all three of these smart playlists made… they are based on the play count of my entire library. i usually play the >10 and >20, but sometimes i’m looking for some classic apc hits that i know will make me smile…thats when >30 comes in.
4b. Neglected Winners/Midmajors. This is the playlist i utilize when i’m growing tired of my typical favs. they’re ones that have been in my itunes for more than 6 months and have a play count between 5 and 20. its a rather hodge podge selection, but i like it when i’m searching for something great that i’ve forgotten about recently.

4c. john mayer favs. this one is self explanitory.
4d. these kinds of songs. this was the first playlist i ever made and it is still one of my favorites…it is primarily like mid-90’s alternative rock kinda stuff…but only sorta. it is its own type of songs that ought to have its own genre. songs like “all for you” by sister hazel, “breakfast at tiffany’s” by deep blue something, “slide” by goo goo dolls, “only wanna be with you” by hootie, “beautiful oblivion” by eve 6, “every morning” by sugar ray….i seriously think it ought to have its own genre, but i have no clue what it is. anyway. i like that one a lot.
4e. “oh girl.” – dance party sizzler.
5. and lastly, regarding the selection of the songs…the more specific the playlist the less i select. the >’s i typically choose through, as with the neglected ones…but lists c, d, and e are usually just whatever comes is whats played…eh. “oh girl.” may have the occasional sift.

anyway. i should’ve just made that like a blog post or something…cause it was entirely too long.
oh well.
maybe i’ll post this as a blog anyway. that’d be neat.

oh. and you guys are still coming to ‘hattan si? this isn’t just a “talk about it and act like it’ll happen but it probs wont” thing. this is as serious as JM/BF/ALAND….and that is mega serious.

oh. last thing: start using the word “champion” as follows:
– dude, what a champion maneuver.
– that album is so freakin champion.
– whoa, how champion was that move?

try it on. i thought of it today.
alright. p out. late.


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