>HP and the DH: Pre-Game

>my plan for harry potter and the deathly hallows:

work until 6:30.
sleep from 7 until 10.
go join the commotion at hasting’s until midnight.
recieve my reserved copy of hp7.
read until i work at noon tomorrow.

it did not occur to me, however, that at 9:00 pm my heart would be threatening to burst through my 1980 Hillcrest softball jersey and my head running laps around the JK Rowling hints i read about on wikipedia 7 hours earlier. this is, as you will notice, a severe hindrance to my plan. i ought to be sleeping right now – it seems harry potter mania has consumed me. oh well. the plan will still continue the same henceforth.

love the word henceforth.

things i need to have happen in this book:

a harry versus draco cage match must occur. i dont care what the scenario is and i dont care what happens to malfoy in the end – just as long as harry takes care of that little puke. ron or hermoine could maybe throw a spell or two his way, but i desperately need draco to get what he has coming. and while we’re at it – lucius needs to die. draco can end up in Azkaban, thats fine, but lucius cannot survive as far as i’m concerned.

snape HAS to be good. i dont care what he did in book 6 and i dont care what harry thinks of him – he is too big of a character and Rowling has put too much time and effort into his development for him to be bad. I think he is troubled and holds about 9 million grudges, but he is a good person. my theory is still that snape was acting under the imperius curse in book 6. if he is truly evil i’ll be shocked – but then again, Rowling is capable of anything…and those of you that have read book 6 know EXACTLY what i’m talking about. talk about paralysis. i thought i’d misread something. GOSH.

ron and hermoine kiss. i dont even need a make out session or even the slightest bit of a relationship to evolve from it – this is both because i might start getting jealous of our red-haired champion AND because i don’t really think ron will survive. thats right. i think ron will die. i dont WANT it to happen, of course, but the more i play the scenario over in my head…i think Rowling will have him die. Voldemort has nothing holding him back now, i’m expecting a lot of deaths. ANYWAY. regardless of Ron’s finale, if he and Hermoine don’t get together i’ll hate this book. period. k not hate, but i’ll be extremely disappointed.

a Hogwarts finale. Voldemort and the Death Eaters vs the DA and the Aurors. Harry can come too.

the following people cannot die in my eyes: hermoine, ginny, neville, snape…..tonks.

neville and snape are both characters that i feel have gained too much attention as of late not to survive. if snape turns out to be the most evil character ever in literature – then he can die, no probs, but i do NOT think that is possible. gosh i hope he’s good, i’m banking on it. i also think that neville HAS to survive. one of two scenarios for neville: he pulls out some wicked spell and destroys something great and saves the eve. not the day, thats still harry’s. but the eve will do for neville. scenario number two = harry potter and the deathly hallows: the rise of neville longbottom. there’s a baller in there somewhere. oh. and neville WILL kill bellatrix. period.

anyway, i’ll include tonks in this category as well, albeit reluctantly, because while she’s only been around since book 5, i feel like there is too much emotional development in her as of late for her not to survive. i wouldn’t be surprised if she’s the only living descendant of the black family tree around after this thing is said and done, the rest will end up dead or in azkaban. nyphadora survives. unless lupin dies too maybe. if lupin dies i can see her dying. but assuming the status quo – i think she lives too. just too much of her character has developed for these three to die. ESPECIALLY the first two; a tonks and lupin combo death is negotiable.

ginny would be too much for harry to lose. yes yes, i realize i’ve already mentioned that i think ron will die, but i think ginny can sub for ron and console harry enough that he can get through it. plus she’s basically a baller. i dont think any of the death eaters stand a chance. ginny and harry could take over the world as long as they still have hermoine to talk to.

hermoine is too important. i’m not sure if i only think that cuase i’m in love with her or because i actually believe it in terms of the book. the potential she possess for the future of the wizarding world is too large. she’s the next Minerva McGonagall – only WAY hotter.

the rest are questionable in my eyes – in retrospect i’d probably include tonks in the “questionable” category, but i’ve already written it so i’ll leave it as is. i’m not confident about her finish. i guess snape is still slightly questionable, but i’m like 99% sure he’s freaking gooooood. dangit. i’m gonna start crying again. not again. just the first time. embarassing.

harry’s finish? man. i wish i knew. voldemort is toast. there’s no way he’s not. Rowling can NOT be that heartless, but Harry’s end is questionable. i’m not going to speculate. i’m just going to read and find out.

predictions: ron dies valiantly. voldemort dies. bellatrix dies via neville. lucius malfoy dies while narcissa go to azkaban. draco goes to azakaban too, but only because harry isn’t a killer – he’s got him cornered but is merciful. hagrid dies unfairly – he would’ve died earlier had grawp not saved his rather large posterior. viktor krum is injured and would have died if ron hadn’t been courageous and done something great to save his rear. hermoine lives – ron steps in front of an avada kedavra directed at her – however, this potentially sets up a lily potter/harry potter situation for ron/hermoine…love conquers all. holla back. peter pettigrew dies – grawp will smash him. fawkes is inherited by harry. moaning myrtle won’t die. a couple weasleys die too, but not ginny. hermoine slaps krum at some point. and mcgonagall turns out to have some chops…definitely some chops indeed.

oh and a cameo appearance by either beyonce or chris brown.
linkin park will probably play the end credits song when the movie comes out in 2010 too.

if i’m right about any of those things – awesome. but if i’m wrong about everything – not surprising in the least. gosh. this thing turned out rather lengthy.

and hermoine – no matter what happens – i’m glad i opened the sorcerer’s stone so this relationship could blossom.


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