>laundry frustrates me.

the way i figure it – typically the right way – it takes about 2 hours to run a load of laundry through in its entirety: 2 minutes loading, 30-45 minutes washing, 2 minute wash/dryer transfer, 70-90 minutes drying, 5-10 minutes folding (usually the increase in time is directly proportional to the number of hanging items).

and if my totals are correct – which they are – there is a maximum of 14 minutes of the individual’s actual involvement in the process (this is assuming they have a plethora of hanging articles also – i usually only have one or two hanging items, so my total is more like 9 minutes).

this means that of the entire laundry procedure = anywhere from 5.6% to 12.8%. my methods for arriving at these percentages is as follows:

Pmin = Thands-on min/Ttotal max = 9/159 = 0.056

Pmax = Thands-on max/Ttotal min = 14/109 = 0.128

adam. seriously? who really cares? and i would answer that question but i’m not going to because i think it is both rhetorical and the answer to such a question is already rather obvious at this poing*.

the reason i care is that the other 94.4% of the time you are forced to continue to check your watch and frame your schedule around your dirty clothing. to clarify here: that is 150 minutes of potentially plaguing paranoia (yeah alliteration). laundry ruins my day; i hate having to do it. it wouldn’t be so bad if i could just put it in the machine and it would be all done in 150 minutes – but no, i have to come check on it and wait for one cycle to be done so i can move it over into the dryer. i can’t just put it in the wash and then go watch Transformers (144 minutes) – i have to sit around the house and worry about it. blah. obnoxious.

(another thing you could do is create multiple blogs throughout the evening to kill the time between cycles. that is what i have elected to do.)


* – this is my most common typo. my fingers have been trained to always hit “g” after “in”. the “t” totally throws everything off – silly reflexes.

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