>a kc/’hattan juxtaposition?

>so i’m currently updating this mug on my sister’s macbook in kc. she’s apparently moved into my old room (slash using it as storage for all her pre-leaving-for-college stuff). sometimes it feels strange coming home to kc; it hardly even feels like home anymore. my “room” is basically a closet now and my “bed” is a pull out couch. anything i own that is remotely important to me isn’t here – it’s in my room in manhattan. basically all this house provides me that i dont have in ‘hattan is my family.
well. and copious amounts of food. jackpot.

one of my best friends gets back in town today and i’m about to burst with excitement. she has a macbook too. man i need one of these.

things are changing rapidly now. the first few years of college it was all subtle change – well, i guess i changed a lot as a person early in school – but my surroundings are changing so much faster now i feel like. friends are leaving/coming/disappearing from my life/becoming more important to me by the day.

i think maybe its that th friends i’ve made in college are nearly as meaningful as the ones i’ve had my whole life. i used to give them no stock and only consider my TRUE friends the ones i’ve had forever. kinda neat how things change and such. odd. but neat.

anyway. i’m going to go run some errands now. thats what i do in kc. just get crap done. in manhattan i have to work so hard to fill my free time – here i feel like my days never stop and i dont have any time to spare. (harry potter would NOT have been conquered as quick as it did had i been living in kc…so i guess ‘hattan has its perks). weird that i’m favoring manhattan somewhat.

obviously if i had to pick a place to live i’d choose here (kc)…i used to own this city and i never see myself in a city any smaller than this for my life – but for now, while things are changing and people are coming and going so quickly (wizard of oz reference) it’s nice to be in a place as stagnant and constant as ‘hattan. i dunno. its comforting regardless what else changes.

okay. lunch with my dad and then running errands with anna and then karlie flies into the town.
see? busy busy busy. yes, they’re all great things that i have no problem doing – but where on earth would i have time for hp here? i dunno. i love it here. but i’m starting to appreciate being able to sit around and do nothing/play my piano/read about minerva mcgonagall all day.


edit: turns out her flight was delayed and life isnt odd or neat. it just sucks.

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