>monsoon of music.

>music i’m simultaneously digesting:

– timbaland
– beck
– rhymefest
– amy winehouse
– n*e*r*d

i’m not sure if i like throwing down so much flav at the same time. it is so nice, but when i grab at them one at a time i can pace myself. for example, timbaland is terrific, but he’ll take me a while to come to terms with entirely. however, miss winehouse i feel is one who i can understand and enjoy in minutes. she doesnt take much scrutiny.

however, the bigger downside is that i dont have time for MY music anymore (justin timberlake, gnarls barkley, john mayer, guster, ben folds, david crowder, etc.) but i still feel super motivated to find out if any of these artists will find their way into my tops – i mean look at john mayer and how he has developed in my eyes over the last year. last august = not a fan cause i never looked past “wonderland” and “no such thing”. now = can’t get enough.

i feel like the monsoon of music isn’t going to stop soon either. i’m living with two gentlemen who are very much into music, and i feel like i might even have the opportunity to make some with them sometime this semester. anyway. i need to start pacing myself and allowing for some jt time. and some jm. and some bf and gnarls and crowder time.

but anyway. i guess thats about all i have to cover today.


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