>jb tshirt night at the k.

>today is the day.

i’ve been itchin for tonight’s game for quite some time now: john buck tshirt night at the k. my father is coming, as is my buddy dan and a plethora of folks from kstate too. its amazing how contagious j buck fever is. i caught it. it’ll take you over.

there are certain days in life that you’ll always remember. like the night i rode in a cinderella carriage on the plaza with 5 other guys throwing pennies to random spectators. or the night i saw earth wind and fire perform at sandstone amph. or the day when kstate beat texas in football and i rushed the field with thousands of others. or the day i played 40+ holes of disc golf with dave. or my birthday this year.
this will be one of those days.

even if the royals get absolutely blown out – 30-3 let’s say – it will still be one of the greatest nights ever for two major reasons:
1) john buck will compete.
2) relish will compete.
besides the fact that i love baseball, those are the two major reasons i attend games at the K.
they could both lose, but just being in their presence is worth the trip.

and a third reason just for good measure: hello? john buck tshirt? no brainer.

i’ll be honest though; i do have high expectations for this game as well. Bannister is pitching for the Royals against Robinson for the Tigers – the Tigers have given the Royals serious trouble in the past, but they’re waning and KC is playing some decent baseball right now. i’ll keep my fingers crossed. cmon FOURTH PLACE royals.
my prediction: john buck goes 4-5 and hits for the cycle while relish takes the hot dog race easily.


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