>postseason baseball.

>so october is here, which means that post season baseball is here. this time last year i had quit pretty much everything i was involved in, only went to morning classes, and holed up in my room every night of the week. at the time there was a slight pang of guilt, but in retrospect – it was the right thing to do. i watched every cardinals’ game in october last year. and, in case you didnt know, the cardinals played more games in october than any other team. oh, cause tehy were in the world series. oh, and they won. holler at cha boi.

unfortunately, this is not the case in 2007. i am forced to live my life in typical fashion – checking espn.com at the end of the day for scores and recaps. probably good news for those who enjoy seeing my on a regular basis; conversely, this is bad news for those who despise my company (you may make yourself known in the “comments” section of this post – haters). the cardinals finished 78-84. sigh. oh well, they had a rough year…i’m over it already for three reasons:

1. kstate football is here. (what up texas?)
2. dwayne bowe is a stud.
3. i don’t have time to ignore the world and focus on the playoffs.

anyway. but i would like to post my thoughts on the post season match-ups:

Angels/Red Sox:
Curt Shilling is the number 3 starter on this team? thats disgusting. The Red Sox are so loaded. if they finished anything other than first it would’ve been shocking. I’d like to see Vlad win a series, but three games against Beckett/Dice-K/Shilling? While the Angels counter with Lackey? pitching wins series. and games period. which is why i can’t see LA taking any of the three.
Red Sox in 3.

I like this Indians team a lot. they ran away with it in a pretty tough division. beating out the Tigers and the Twins is a tough assignment. I watched them close out the regular season in KC on sunday afternoon and they’re a legit team. (Cleveland – not KC.) Plus they having home field advantage i think will help them too. they’ve got solid pitching and a few beasts in the order – plus i hate the yankees – this is probably the toughest series for me to pick, but i think the Indians will take it at home in game 5. they’ll throw Sabathia twice for two of the three wins. As long as A-Rod doesnt mess it all up.
Indians in 5.

i just hate the cubs so much. freaking zambrano. i dont want them to win a single game. the cubs are so worried about whether Marquis is a decent #4 starter? please. he’s not even going to get to pitch.
D-Backs in 3.

first of all, i’d like to point out how completely hilarious it is that the Mets aren’t in the playoffs and the Phils are. talk about a terrific collapse on the part of New York. Up 7 games with 17 to play. so awesome.

to be honest – i don’t care who wins this series. i neither hate nor like either team, and both of them are on a roll. i wouldn’t mind seeing the Phillies take it…but i think thats just cause i hate the cubs and just in case the cubs win it means chicago wouldn’t have home field advantage in the NLCS. but, since the Cubs wont be winning a single game in the post season – i’ll root for Colorado
Rockies in 4.

World Series: Indians over Rockies in 6.

this is what i both want to happen and what i think will happen. i’d like to see the Rockies win it all…but they’ve won 16 of 17. they cannot keep it up all the way through october. the Indians have been the most consistently good teams in baseball this season and are going to prove that in the playoffs. They won’t sweep teams (mostly because they have the hardest trip to the WS – ny and boston) but they’ll beat teams.

but, i’m not glued to baseball this year.

and that having been said – kstate is going to destroy ku on saturday. love it.


One thought on “>postseason baseball.”

  1. >i love how all your picks are based on what you want to happen. :)if there’s one thing that chi-sox and card fans can agree on… go d-backs!much love,tuf

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