>so kanye’s new cd is legit. different than college dropout and late reg, but still great.

other than stronger – which i’ll basically ignore for this review – its play count on itunes was 63 BEFORE i got the cd…so its not even considered as part of the cd to me – but anyway – there were obviously a few standout tracks for me: flashing lights, homecoming, good life – but – as is the case with most cds i listen to – songs just keep impressing me.

the only songs on the cd that i haven’t enjoyed much are big brother and drunk and hot girls. i’m big time disappointed in big brother – it’s kanye’s thank you to jay-z basically. telling him all about how great he is and how much kanye looks up to him. a solid idea i guess…but it just doesnt impress me at all. which is sad. cause i doubt s carter was all that grateful. eh. debatable.
drunk and hot girls is crappy for obvious reasons.

the rest of the cd (11 other tracks) i’m suuuuuuuper pumped about.

my initial favorite was homecoming. featuring chris martin from coldplay. one of my dearest friends has turned me into a rather large coldplay fan. actually. i’m still my normal size…i just really liek coldplay. but anyway. this track has some seriously fun piano which, when joined by KW and CM, is probably one of the greatest sounds ever. but its almost too catchy – i love it now, but only in moderation. i may have burnt myself out on it. oh well.

i can listen to the first 7 tracks straight through without stopping. thats the sign of a great cd. and if it wasn’t for drunk and hot girls – i’d make it all the way from 1-12 without stopping i think.

i guess if i had to rate it….11/13 songs are great….so thats a 4.23/5. but thats if i give every single song a 0/5 or a 5/5. so lets do this right.

good morning 5/5
champion 5/5
stronger 5/5
i wonder 5/5
good life 5/5
can’t tell me nothing 5/5
barry bonds 4/5
drunk and hot girls 0/5
flashing lights 5/5
everything i am 3/5
the glory 4/5
homecoming 5/5
big brother 1/5


which is 4 out of 5.
love it.


ps. down with curtis.

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