>greetings from 214 hale.

>i’m currently sitting on a computer in 214 Hale Library next to the IT Help Desk. I’ve been here for about an hour and a half now waiting for my computer to be fixed. i have a strong wireless connection all the time, but it is accompanied by a cute little yellow yeild sign with an “!” on it and the following message:

Limited or No Connectivity

this adorable message is linked so that i can go to another screen and read the details about why it isn’t working. which, surprisingly, tells me nothing at all that i can understand let alone anything that could point me in the direction of it being fixed. it apparently (and more surprisingly) tells the tech fellas here in 214 Hale Library nothing as well.

this is mildly frustrating. i’ve been without internet in my room for 9 days now and i’ve spent somewhere around 4-5 hours on the phone with all sorts of wonderful people. none of which have helped one bit:

brad from d-link told my my router was working properly. (1.5 hour)
kathy from linksys told me my wireless card was working properly. (1.5 hours)
gunther from cox cable told me my cable internet service was workign properly. (1 hour)
douglas from the geek squad told me he’d have to charge me 99 bucks for his services cause i wasnt under warranty. i said no. as if he could fix it anyway. (30 min)

and now the IT guys have confirmed all of that and proceeded to do nothing else.
awesome. good thing i brought a sleeping bag. sigh.


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