>sprint center.

>well i’m home for thanksgiving and it is the greatest feeling on earth.

i feel like i could put out about 4 blogs right now i feel so good.
but i wont. i’m only going to write one.

so i ended up at the sprint center tonight watching #1 UCLA play #11 Michigan State.

things like this occur randomly in kc. sometimes in manhattan i sit around and think about all the things i’d like to be doing. in my home town – things just come to me.

like tonight i was driving with my sisters and dad to get some smoothies after dinner around 7:15 and nate calls…

nate: want to go to the sprint center and see the #1 team in the nation play basketball tonight for free?
adam: um. yes.
nate: be at my house at 8.
adam: done. see you soon.

so off i go. the development of the sprint center and the area around it has intrigued me for quite some time now, and i’ve been beyond excited to actually get to go inside it. i’m going to see kstate play some patsy in mid-december too.
we get there around 8:30, park, and pick up free tickets outside the front doors. gotta know who to ask. (in this case it was easy – missouri fans has just seen their team play right before so they were all leaving with their tickets. piece of cake.)

number one reason for excellence: indoor quiktrip.

they dont have fountain drinks. or toquitos. or hot dogs.
but they do have all the standard freezoni choices (including rooster booster) as well as a krispy kreme donut selection. they also offer boxed and refrigerated deli sandwiches – and it is all at reasonable/normal price. freezonis = 99 cents. so awesome.

another reason this place is great – sprint cell phone service is phenomenal in this building. for those of you from kansas city, you know full well that the sprint campus in overland park is huge…and has crappy cell phone service for sprint phone owners. i’ve never had a problem losing signal anywhere in kansas city but on the sprint campus. so i had a similar fear tonight…i had FULL bars the entire time. text messages sent in the blink of an eye.

the building is also 360 degrees of glass. so as you walk around it, you get to look directly outside at downtown kansas city. beautiful. i love this city. never want to leave.


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