>thanksgiving eve in kansas city (we’ll call it "wednesday")

>interesting thought: thanksgiving eve is called “wednesday” every year.

11:00 am – oklahoma joes bbq. best bbq in the world – no lie, no exaggeration. say what you may about other establishments, i will fight for ok joes all my life. so i ate my z man sandwich (beef brisket, two onion rings) with spicy slaw on texas toast. with three adorable little pickles on the side. and a coca-cola classic to drink.

12:30 pm – Saver’s, my favorite thrift store, is closed. i mean talk about heartbreak. how bad does an area have to be (in this case bannister mall) for a thrift store to not stay afloat? what a major bummer. i hadn’t been there in a year…and before that another year…actually, come to think of it, i’ve only gone once each thanksgiving break for the last 4 years. but still, its definitely sad. maybe thats why they went out of business – cause their most beloved customers only came once a year or moved to wisconsin (david lueck).

1:30 pm – ended up at family thrift on johnson drive. which turned out to be okay because dan and i bought John Madden Football ’93 for SEGA. and by bought, i mean went up to the register with two $1 bills prepared – and then the friendly gentleman, who i’ll call Doug (looked like a Doug), said the following: “ah, you can just take it man.” i, of course, said “ok.”

2:00 pm – homer’s coffee house. its like coming home. its kinda weird coming back and not knowing the baristas though. i expect people to greet me with a hug or something. it was strange. but they are still serving their soon-to-be-world-famous cinnamon rolls. at least they’ll be world famous after i post about them on the internet – seeing that everyone reads my entries and everyone simply stives to be like me, they’ll catch on soon. anyway, cream cheese frosting, moist bread, creamy cinnamony center, deliciously devoured with a fork because its one big gooey post-microwave mess. ah. i want another.

3:30 pm – Madden ’93 in my basement. i was the Houston Oilers. dan was the Buffalo Bills. i dont want to talk much about the game – i was winning, then all of a sudden dan figured everything out. i’m putting all the blame on Thurman Thomas. way too fast.

3:45 pm – NBA JAM TE. best SEGA game ever invented. i like to mix up my team. in most games i have MY team – the one i always play with – but there are so many good choices in this game: Robinson/Rodman, Kemp/Payton, Drexler/Porter, Richmond/Webb. and i think the game is way better too since it came out the year Jordan played baseball – it makes all the teams equal for a change.

4:30 pm – Golden Tee at Buffalo Wild Wings. everyone needs to try out Golden Tee – more importantly, everyone needs to pay for GT with a credit card so that it loads your name for you off your card. and then you can proceed to win prizes by competing live with other players all over the nation – i won zero prizes however, because i ended at +17. rough game.

a few highlights. it seems a little weird that today feels like any other day – when in fact it is nothing like any day i’ve had in a long time. except it IS exatly like every single night i had BEFORE college. except i dont think i was ever given a video game like that before. except Pilot Wings 64 – which i got from dan for Christmas two years ago – best game ever.

with that, i’m leaving my sister’s laptop and going downstairs to join in my parent’s conversation. i dont know what they’re talking about, but it sounds interesting.


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