>first of all i would like to address two facts:

1. there are no z’s in missouri.
2. mizzou fans look like bumble bees.

other than that – i’m perfectly happy with mu. anyone who can kick the jayhawks out of both the big xii championship game and the national championship is okay with me. at least for a day or two.

it is most unfortunate that the three good teams in big xii college football right now are my three least favorite. possibly in the entire nation: ku. mu. ou.

so far what i’ve wanted to have happen has happened. mu beat ku (i was hoping it was going to be more of a rout than it turned out to be, but ku lost, and that’s good).
the next thing that needs to happen: ou beats mu. this will ensure that mu does not make the national championship and it will put the team that, i think, most deserves to be in a bcs game into one.

then, ou needs to be the victim in a hilariously terrific game like they were last year: boise state. greatest game ever.

some may scoff at my lack of support for the big xii, and i dont blame them. and i would like to show those critics the following lists:

teams that i…
like: kansas state, iowa state, oklahoma state, texas a&m.
could care less about: baylor, texas tech.
somewhat dislike: colorado, nebraska, texas.
dislike very much: missouri, oklahoma.
loathe entirely: kansas.

this begins to explain my lack of support for the big xii conference this year. missouri and oklahoma just rub me the wrong way, but i have my reasons for disliking ku.

being a fan of something is a conscious decision. it is the answer to a yes or no question: do i support [whatever]? it is simple.

that having been said – i’m a new england patriots fan. they’re going to go undefeated this season and they’re going to fly through the playoffs and win the superbowl. and when they do, i’m going to purchase one of those classy “super bowl champs” ball caps that the whole team wears immediately after the game. i’ll wear it proudly with my new randy moss jersey – hopefully he stays with the pats for a while, cause i spent 40 bucks on it.

this is obviously not true. but i say it to illustrate my point.

i could be a patriots fan all of a sudden – which would be something i would like to do to be honest. they’re the greatest team i’ve seen in a long time, and i really wish i was a fan of that team instead of the maybe-slightly-above-average-on-some-days kansas city chiefs (one of those days being today). but i could easily decide today that i’m going to be a patriots fan – it is a simple decision – yes or no.

i have nothing wrong with this. however frivolous it may seem to me, i don’t have any problems with becoming a fan of a team. i do it myself – primarily with individuals: lebron james, vince young, kevin durant…the list is long. if you become a ku fan for some reason – that is not what i have a problem with.

what i do have a problem with is when someone takes that simple decision and begins to think they’re better than other people because of that team’s success. anyone can choose who they want to support and who they don’t – i could decide right now to be a west virginia mountineers fan, or a boston red sox fan, or a boston celtics fan, or a patriots fan (boston. lovin their sports nowadays). however, that doesnt make me any different than the person i am rooting for k-state, the st. louis cardinals, the kansas city chiefs, the kansas city royals.

kansas fans do this. i honestly believe that a vast number of ku fans actually believe that because of their team’s athletic performance they are better than other fans. they look down on fans of any other big xii school. and i guess i just dont understand how anyone can truly believe they’re a cooler individual based off of which teams they select to support.

anyway. those are some of my thoughts i guess.


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