>smiley integration.


i passed this sign sitting out in front of a mcdonalds in manhattan this afternoon.
i was fortunate enough to get stuck at the red light long enough to pull out my cell phone and nab this picture.

what struck me as odd were the 4 smiley faces.

now this may be a 100% ignorant statement – but i wasn’t aware that smiley faces came in a color other than yellow. perhaps i am uncultured and haven’t realized it, but from what i’ve seen…smiley faces have always been yellow. i mean just look at everything walmart – check your emoticons online – check any balloon stand that sells smiley faces. heck i even had a yellow stress ball smiley once. (but i dont think that should necessarily count as a part of this list – i’m about 90% sure i got it from walmart.)

i will concede that angry faces or pouty faces or vomity faces can be colors other than yellow (red, blue, and green respectively), but smiley faces are yellow.

which leads me to assume that there is a reason for the non-yellow smileys – and i’ve decided it is because mcdonalds needs to address the fact that they will hire people of different races. browns and yellows both can get a job at mcdonalds. they’re not colorists. they judge a smiley by their emotion, not the color of its face.

however, i did think it was a stroke of genius for them to avoid blue, red, and green faces. those colors are really not likely to get hired. they only hire smileys…which probably doesnt help the non-yellow emotional colors in the least. if i’m red or blue (angry, pouty) – i’m going to be redder and bluer the moment i see that they dont hire my kind.

but you can’t blame mcdonalds for not wanting those colors. they really do have flaws that are deeper than the color of their face and mcdonalds is correct in their colorism.

call me a colorist, but thats the way it is.


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