>its the weather.

>i’ve been learning a lot about expectations this semester.

when you get too excited for something – you’re easily let down.
but wen you’re not excited for something at all – you’re easily pelased.

a way in which i think God has decided to teach this to Kansans: weather.

thanksgiving break comes and we’re all excited.
then last tuesday it snowed and was freezing cold, so we get disappointed and hate the weather. and, in turn, life.
then thursday it decides to warm up to the upper 40s and we all get excited about life again.
then monday comes and it is in the 50s and we’re loving life; especially when we look at the weather report and find that it is supposed to be beautiful all week.
then we come to find out that all that is supposed to change and it is supposed to freezing rain tonight and through tomorrow with horrendous wind til sunday. just perfect.

however, i’ve devized a plan to always be pleased with Kansas weather.

1. never expect it to stay beautiful for more than a day at a time, that way you’re never disappointed when it’s gross the next day.
2. never get discouraged when it is gross because the weather is guaranteed to change within the week.

its fool proof.

unless the weather doesn’t change within the week…but that just means you’re not in kansas anymore. so thats no problem.


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