>des moines.

>there are some families that are just not cohesive entirely. there is bickering, disagreements, uncomfortable moments, etc.

this is not the case with my extended family. hilarious and most comfortable environment anyone could ask for – well maybe not anyone – anyone who is in my family at least.

we have 9 cousins born between the years of 1984 and 1993. chronologically: emily rose, erin rosemary, adam paul, colleen faith, matthew ralph, holly rachele, meredith christine, kathryn margaret, and anna caroline.

i have the shortest name. never knew that before right now.

i love them very much. they’re 8 of my best friends and i get to see them on sunday in des moines.
highlight of my life. i cannot wait.


One thought on “>des moines.”

  1. >AP, hope your having a blast in Des Moines… and seeing THE David Lueck tomorrow! Great seeing ya last weekend; Im glad yall gave me in the invite! Merry Christmas my friend.g.oh, and if you give yourself a second middle name, Im sure you could destroy meredith christine’s reign of the longest name!

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