>not much hope in kc.

>so the chiefs ended 4-12.

i remember back in october they were 4-3 and going into a home game against the green bay packers. chiefs led in the 4th quarter and i really thought we had a shot at being a great team. our offense was clicking. our defense looked unbelievable. players were smiling.

but it turned out that we really shouldn’t’ve believed in their defense. and the offense was a disaster from that point out. and there have only been two real moments of joy since that game: both of jared allen’s td receptions. we proceded to lose 9 straight and end the season as proably the nfl’s worst team. yeah miami went 1-15, but at least they’ve won a game since october. and at least they had no hope to begin with – there was no disappointment. just shame. at the halfway point the chiefs thought they had a chance – but then disappointed the world (sans oakland and bronco fans).

and anyone who thought to put hope in damon huard and brodie croyle is out of their minds.

three years ago my friend dan and i went to the chiefs pre-season meet-the-team scrimmage at arrowhead. we watched players take snaps for the first time and we got to follow along on a nifty little sheet that had all the prospects names and info on it.

then some guy 3 rows behind us said the following:
“yeah damon huard!”

and dan and i started laughing hysterically. WHO? damon huard? third string damon? mr. back up sensation damon huard? mr. might lose his spot on the team to casey printers?
and yes. this is the same damon huard who has been taking snaps for the chiefs this year. what he is missing in his arm strength he clearly makes up for with his lack of mobility. just get a pinky on his ankle and he’ll tuck the ball and timber right into the ground. what a dope.

and i’m sorry, the guy might have a good arm, but trying to develop brodie croyle as a franchise quarterback is like trying to usurp john buck from behind the plate: it just isn’t going to happen. ESPECIALLY behind that o-line.

jason whitlock said it nicely in the kc star today: “tony gonzalez and jared allen are two of the best players at their position. everything else is a mystery.”

i’ll agree – but i’ll also add that dwayne bowe is and will be a stud reciever for a long time in the nfl. and larry johnson is still the centaur.

the only hope i see: a couple years down the road we’ve picked up a few dece linemen out of the draft that we can run LJ behind. we can’t expect much more out of carl peterson and herm edwards (who we found out after the jets game on sunday are both going to be back next year – celebration will ensue i’m sure of it).

it is sad to reach january and not have any excitement about the chiefs. kansas city kinda feels like it had the wind knocked out of it. any excitement left belongs to ku and mu fans who are likely to be silenced in the upcoming days – i’ll take arkansas by 10 and virginia tech by 17 – and then from there our excitement turns to the always promising kansas city royals.

espn.com had a poll on its home page a few days back:
who will win the AL Central?
– Minnesota Twins
– Chicago White Sox
– Detroit Tigers
– Cleveland Indians

………yeah. those were the four options. seems like not only kc has no hope in the royals. not even in the running as far as espn is concerned. not shocking news. but still disappointing.

maybe we’ll inherit a terrific expansion basketball or hockey team to fill the sprint center. cause right now i’m not seeing much hope in kc sports. and not much in the near future either. we’ll see where we’re at in 5 years – otherwise i might be moving on to another city’s sports teams.

as far as the playoffs go: i pretty much dont care. jsut give me a bunch of great games and maybe a cinderella into the champ games.

whatever. i’m over sports. i’m sticking to board games. who cares if you’re better than me at scrabble? at least i control my own fate instead of watching herm edwards run it for me.


One thought on “>not much hope in kc.”

  1. >yes, it is frustrating–but at least the chiefs didn’t win 3 meaningless games in december like they have done to draft in the mid teens, that would be more frustrating i think. now we’re top 5 and have a chance at Jake Long or a real quarterback. the chiefs aren’t that close, but they aren’t that far away–if they bring back jared allen. if they can get a good left tackle (jake long), move mcintosh to right tackle where he’ll be a lot better, pick up a guard in free agency, get lj back, still have tony and bowe. then on d get a corner and maybe another o lineman or qb in the second round (they have a couple picks), then i think there is some hope there. croyle can then get a chance with a decent line and an actual run game to protect him. and if he sucks, it’s one more bad year and the chance to get a good qb.it may be a stretch of a hope but it is what we got here in kc these days. well, that and an expansion team like you said.

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