>television on dvd rules.

welcome to my life the last three nights. and tonight.

i watched season one in three days back in 2006.
then i watched season two with my friends in manhattan.
and then i started season three til it went on a 3 month hiatus.
then i lost interest.

BUT season three is in progress right now and it is so great.

i’ve forgotten how addictive this tv show is. so good.
and i feel like FINALLY we’re starting to get some answers.
i got legitimately angry at Lost partway through season two cause nothing got resolved and cause my favorite character disappeared cause he was getting homesick being on set in Hawaii all the time.
i’m still keeping my fingers crossed that Walt will make a comeback, but i’m not counting on it. it’d be a glorious surprise to kick off season four with, but the kid is now three years older and probably wouldn’t be my favorite anymore anyway.

anyway. i think we’re supposed to finish season three tonight, but i’m nervous that i’m going to want to watch season four when it starts soon. i don’t really want to be emotionally attached to a television show right now. especially when the chance of it going on a serious hiatus is high (writers strike and all).

but i’m more cautious cause i’ve realized taht this show HAS to be watched back to back episodes. there are too many questions to wait a week between answers (if you get any). so i may just watch season three and then wait til next christmas and watch season four on dvd.
we’ll see.

point of this post: don’t give up on Lost quite yet. if you’re not to season three disc 5…keep on keepin on.
best of luck. ready break.


One thought on “>television on dvd rules.”

  1. >I find it highly ironic that when I decide to come to your blog… happens to be the very day that I watched the final episode of season 3 myself. Brace yourself my friend. Brace yourself.

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