>i’m assuming most people have heard by now that heath ledger was found dead in his apartment yesterday. how tragic. there were a bunch of pills next to him i guess – the detectives have put two and two together and labeled it a “drug overdose”. smart cats those PI’s.

its sad, i agree. but the thing that has struck me as most interesting in this situation (besides the now-heightened creepiness of The Black Knight) is that it is such an enormous deal in today’s world. maybe its just that i never really developed an attachment to Ledger’s movies, but it seems like this is all my friends want to talk about and i dont think i really care too much to be honest. i think it’s sad, but not really any more than if any other individual i never knew died.

i don’t really think it will change how i live my life. except that i’m sitting in the union at 9 am blogging about it – probably wouldn’t be typing about it if it hadn’t happened. hm.

of course, i also wouldn’t be here if my 8:30 criminal justice systems class hadn’t been called off. would’ve been nice to know before i walked to campus. it was 9 degrees out an hour ago. since then it has blossomed to a balmy 15 degrees. goodness gracious. grab your sunscreen.

now i’m going to go kill my remaining time in the union browsing through the overpriced posters they have for sale just outside this room.


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