>one thing that i have going for me in this whole sex-crazed world we live in today is that i am much more inclined to have two types of crushes instead of your typical guy/girl crush.

1) man-crushes: the list includes – billy walker, michael cera, kanye west, lebron james, john buck, justin timberlake, vince young, chris brown, jared allen, dwayne bowe, jamaal tinsley, will smith, nick welch, so taguchi, relish, adrian peterson, danger mouse, john mayer, kevin durant, jeremiah johnson.

there are probably many more on the list, but for times sake i’ll move on.

2) fictional-female-characters-crushes: the list includes – hermione granger.

thats pretty much the story. some might argue that i’ve had my fair share of celebrity crushes in the past (mandy moore, kelly clarkson, serena williams), but those are only half serious (well, kelly and serena are anyway). i think somewhere in my mind i know that those are COMPLETELY irrational though.

how’s that for making no sense at all? i think what i mean is that i can’t dream of those. i can always dream of hermione and no one can ever think i’m shallow and no one can ever be jealous or think i’m being dumb. cause they all THINK its a joke.

and as far as the man-crushes go – guys are just too awesome. and no one can deny that the list i’ve layed out above is made up entirely of awesome individuals. (possibly with the exception of relish – there is the occasional ketchup and mustard loser out there).

anyway. thats that.


2 thoughts on “>crushes.”

  1. >thank you for being honest about your man-crushes, Adam! my husband admits to his man-crushes, and he’s all-the-more attractive to me for it! by the way…i FREQUENTLY read your blog…and i think you’re hilarious & insightful. i’m proud you’re my cousin!-Mel

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