>soup. arrg. bowl.

>so the giants won the super bowl in what was one of the better football games i watched this season.

more importantly though, the patriots didn’t win the super bowl. i kinda think its hilarious; their undefeated season going into the game pretty much means nothing. and tommy brady had a less-than-splendid super bowl game for a change. and he got knocked around quite a bit.

we had a group of about 15 people all rooting for the giants. the place erupted a few times in the final minutes. ESPECIALLY when eli managed to avoid getting sacked on teh final drive and throw a bomb down field. kinda super lucky. but sometimes people have to get kinda lucky to win.

karlie and i made some killer NY tshirts for the game. hers is cooler than mine, but we still looked awesome. i wanted to make one that said “tom brady eats babies.” but i decided that wouldn’t be appropriate and i probably wouldn’t wear it much beyond sunday.

eli manning also sounds super dumb.

i’m disappointed now though cause there isn’t going to be any football for way too long…well, i guess the pro-bowl kinda counts. jared and tony will be starting for the AFC. i dont think i’ve ever actually sat down and watched the pro bowl before. its kinda not even real football.

but i will say this: look out for the chiefs in 08. haaa. right.


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