>post #159.

>its really strange that i’ve kept up this blogging thing for over a year now.
and it’s even stranger that i think i’ve LOST frequenters since i started. ha.
oh well. it’s more for my own personal enjoyment. you guys just get the sloppy seconds.

so i was thinking about my job a little bit today. i make over-priced coffee for manhattan all-stars. we have a rather solid fan base. if zero of the “regulars” came in during a day i think we’d lose about 75% of our total revenue. i guess some people are okay with it. i’m a regular too. however, i’m not a manhattan all-star so i feel justified in dogging a bit.

its kind of fun i guess, the “regs” come in and get their “usual”, and i’m familiar with most of them. they all call them different things and if you can remember their flashy name for it then the possibility of getting a phat tip sky rockets. it slowly becomes more and more fun as you become more and more familiar with the patrons of the establishment.

the thing i dont understand (well, one thing) is how people can go to the same coffee shop every morning and get the same exact beverage(s) for years and not get bored with it. i guess its probably kinda fun for a while, but at some point i start to feel sorry for them. they live in manhattan (and they LIKE it*) and they’ve gotten into a serious rut, but they don’t really seem to be aspiring to anything else. and that somewhat worries me. they don’t even change their drinks. maybe i’m just ansy to move on in life, but to me – thats weird.

it helps that most of them come across not-so-normal to begin with.
i hope none of them read my blog too. if so, my frequenters will decrease even more.
maybe i should stop doggin on people and start building others up. that would probably solidify more readers. my negative attitude is a likely turn off.


* – Sandlot ref.

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