>whats so lobby about hobby?

>i’ve decided i need a hobby.

karlie has suggested that we paint/draw together – she paints and then i sketch detail over the top of it. it sounds pretty fun, and maybe we’ll try it sometime. who knows, maybe we’ll end up with our artwork as the art o’ the month at radina’s. serious success to be had there. shoot for the moon.

another possibility is piano. i played piano for about 9 years of my life and never learned how to read music – i fooled my teacher into believing i could read, but, in fact, i was just listening closely and playing by ear. however, this has taught me to know all the chords under the sun. and i’m in Introduction to Music and i feel like pursuing an instrument may increase my grade in that class (thats a joke, and the class is too). but i love it and i feel like i could have a lot of fun with it.

spring time is coming – which means disc golf is making a comeback probably. so thats nice. i’ve gone once in about 6 months.

if you have any other ideas let me know. but i dont expect much of a response. no one reads this mug anyway.

3 thoughts on “>whats so lobby about hobby?”

  1. >”no one reads this mug anyway.” ridiculous. i say we both put up a web counter and see what happens within like a week. let me know what you think.

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