>86 coffee.

>i’ve decided to give up drinking coffee until my birthday.
that’s march 14.
that’s 33 days*.
probably one of the most difficult things i’ve ever done.

i’m not doing it for lent. i’ve never observed lent in my life and i’m not really anxious to do so now. this might be a little bit of a controversial thought process – but i dont really want to be thought of as observing a Catholic tradition. not that i don’t respect it and not that i dont believe it has some serious reverence. i simply want to be known as a “little Christ” and not a “Catholic”. call me religiously stubborn or closeminded if you like – i’m just not comfortable being associated with Catholicism. this probably goes back to the extremely dense Catholic and/or nominal population in the area of kc i live. a glimpse of what i mean here.

but thats neither here nor there.

i’m doing it because i need some discipline in my life, and i think this is a terrific way to start that (and i think it has actually worked somewhat too – 8 days later i’m sitting in a coffee shop at 7:00 am with my Bible out and i’m throwing down a somewhat spiritual blog for the first time in who knows how long). i’m anxious to see what effect fasting from something so prominent in my life will have on my own spirit.

i wasn’t really aware how much i relied on coffee until about day 3 when i randomly fell asleep in the evening for about 2.5 hours. i never do that. i also work in a coffee shop 4 days a week. talk about temptation. just the smell of coffee drives me crazy and this blog is making my mouth water.

i also cannot imagine the joy that will come when the 14th gets here. especially since i’m waking up insanely early that morning to head to GUATEMALA. holler back.


* – fav number.

2 thoughts on “>86 coffee.”

  1. >I don’t know, man. You should consider deeply rethinking your stance on the Roman Catholic Church. Your argument is a little weak, in that any devout Catholic could make the same claims about Protestants. I think we have way more in common than we do differences, and I also think that Catholicism “gets” a lot of things better than most protestants do (social justice, contemplative disciplines). I would go so far as to say that a lot of the emerging church discussion revolves around an unannounced adopting of the stronger aspects of Roman Catholicism. And I think you overestimate RC saturation in the KC area. Just MHO.

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