>#2 and #7 are most important.

>things i’ve discovered in the last 24 hours:

1. i really like thai food.
2. qtwebgroup.com
3. my badger scar is fading (but that could just be winter’s fault)

4. sleeping in/laying in bed later than 8 am is wonderful.
5. next time i have to choose between American Gangster and studying for my Criminal Justice System exam i will select AG because my CJS tests are not as difficult as i expected.
6. my job isn’t very enjoyable anymore.
7. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince premieres in 6 months and 28 days.

8. sometimes remixes aren’t a good idea (read: Thriller 25th Anniversary is less than satisfactory.)
9. i miss my extended family a lot.
10a. i’m good at boggle.
10b. sometimes i wish i was good at good at something that wasn’t really lame (foosball, disc golf, boggle, super smash brothers.)
11. sega rules.

i think thats enough for today. go relish.


4 thoughts on “>#2 and #7 are most important.”

  1. >jon jeff said…i thought it would be funny to repeat that. wasn’t as funny as i hoped. a few more things:1. incredible harry potter poster. that’s the first i’ve seen of it and i am AMPED.2. aside from boggle(which i’ve never played but know it involves words which means i’d be hopeless at it), everything in your “things that are lame” parenthesis are in reality all incredible and cool things. and i am good at all of them. except ssb, i’ve always kind of sucked at that. i’m far far better at mariokart. but as soon as i’m back in kc, obviously disc golf slash foosball is happening.3. absolutely hilarious two comments preceding mine. “i love your writings [weird symbol] added you to my favourits” at least her name is a delicious food.

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